Soccer Propositions

Soccer proposition bets, also known as prop bets, are considered alternative type of wagers. Prop bets allow you to place wagers on any particular occurrence involving a match. A prop bet can really be on anything and can involve a particular game/match or even the whole season. These types of bets are available in all sports but you can find a lot of variety of prop bets out there considering that soccer is the most popular game in the world.

Examples of Soccer Prop Bets

There are different types of proposition bets including short-term, long-term and player-specific.

A short-term prop bet can involve a particular period within a game, or even the first few minutes. For example:
-“What team will score in a first period of the game?”
-“Will anybody score within the first 10 minutes of the game?”

A long-term bet is considered to involve more than one game. It can address a few games or even a whole season. Some of the examples of long-term prop bets may include something like:
-“Will Wayne Rooney get more than 10 goals within a season?”
-“Will Chelsea win the English Premier League?”

One can also use proposition bets in regards to specific players. For example:
-“Will Cristiano Ronaldo get a goal this game?”
-“Will Andrei Arshavin get more goals than Fernando Torres this season?”

And then, there are the soccer related prop bets, but with a touch of entertainment, such as:
-“Will Maradona get into any legal trouble while at the World Cup”?
-“Will there be a head-butt this season?”

Soccer Prop Bets Forms

Proposition bets can be given in a variety of forms, including money line forms and over/under forms. Let us use a few examples to demonstrate this.

Money Line Soccer Prop Bet

  • What team will get the first goal in the first 90-minutes of the game?

Liverpool 1.5
Fulham 2.5
No Goal 2.0

If you are betting $100 on a favorite Liverpool, you will get a total of $150 (see Calculation of Decimal Odds: Money Lines in our Online Soccer Money Line Betting article). If you are betting on the underdog, Fulham, you will get a total of $250. If you are betting that there will be no goals, which is likely in a game like soccer, then you can get a total of $200.

Over/Under Soccer Prop Bet

  • Will a game have over one goal or under one goal in the first 30 minutes?

1.5 goals
Over 1.4
Under 2.3

If you are betting $100 that there will be more than 1 goal within the first 30 minutes of the game, then you could get a total of $140. If you are betting that there will be exactly one or less than one goal, you will get $230. The 0.5 element is used to prevent a possibility of what is called a “push”, where a sportsbook will have to return the wagers to bettors (see Calculation of Decimal Odds Money Lines in Online Soccer Money Line Betting).

Soccer Proposition Betting Tips and Strategies

If you are new to soccer and don’t know much about the teams or players that you are betting on, then it might be a good idea to stay away from prop bets. Prop bets tend to be very specific. If they are player-specific, then you should really know about the player that it involves. Otherwise, you can make a less than intelligent wager like betting that a defender will get more goals than a forward/striker. Similarly, if they are short-term, then it might help to know everything about the rules of the game. If they are long-term, then you should know about how different teams and players compare against each other over different seasons.

Used As Alternative Bets

A good soccer proposition betting tip is to use prop bets as alternatives or just fun type of bets. That is, you might look to make many bets on a game or a season and you are not satisfied just with regular bets like money lines, over/under bets or parlays. Then, it might be a good idea to explore some of the interesting prop bets that a sportsbook offers. Likewise, if you are just looking to make some fun non-traditional bets, then proposition bets can allow you to do that.

Get some friends over, or not, get the game on the TV screen, and make some fun sides bets of even the minimum amounts, but you will see just how much entertaining it will get… so give it a try, and make your soccer prop bets now.