Online Betting is one of the most popular ways to gamble and has become increasingly accepted across the globe as a safe, secure and fun way to bet on things from poker and casino games to sports and bingo all from the comfort of your lazyboy, or via mobile “live” games. Online betting has experienced tremendous growth over the past 5 years due to the large demand and publicity of online gambling events around the world, not just the United States but in France, India, Macau and many European nations.

The most famous betting boom came from the poker industry, namely due to the promotion of the World Series of Poker that sparked an online gambling frenzy in the world of poker. Since then, wagering on the Internet has taken off and touches almost every country worldwide in one form or another due to the rapid growth of online technology. Mobile betting has driven many book shops to go online where they are seeing record numbers of bets. For example, Paddy Power which is a $3 billion dollar company who’s primary business was bookie shops now does 76% of their transactions online. It’s simply easier for you as the customer and as these companies constantly compete, more rewards and technology is passed down to the bettors creating an ever evolving betting experience for the better.

Best Sports Betting Sites (last updated October 26, 2013)
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Sports betting has been popular the longest, with some online sports betting sites dating back to 1994, while casinos on the internet came next around 1995 and poker began in 1999.

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Poker didn’t truly become popular until 2003. During this time many sports bettors began playing at poker websites and vice versa.  Actually most players will feed off the fact that you are a online bettor who primarily focuses on sports so it’s better sometimes to stick to a sportsbook that has no poker room, or the “shark” poker players may take your money if you so choose to play poker.  This is why many online gambling sites choose not to have a shared wallet with poker sites.

Most all poker players know the games of casinos such as blackjack, and vice versa, and sports bettors know Texas Holdem and casino games as they all hold the excitement and mathematical expertise to win on a consistent basis. If not, many of the articles on this website will gear you towards winning at the games of your choice.


According to the American Gaming Association (AGA) the US gambling online value is estimated at 6,000,000,000 USD, that is a lot of zeros. The figure is only for money coming from bettors in the United States. It is close to five times that amount in “worldwide” figures with large popularity in the UK, Canada, Germany and France but predominantly from US online gambling and US sports. Unfortunately the United States has yet to capitalize on gaming revenues online unlike many other parts of the world. This is due to a fear of larger corruption for the sports played and the players as has been discussed on ESPN sports many times.

Although poker can be largely attributed to the rise of internet betting, players form all walks of life enjoy placing wagers on a variety of games. More recently, while I hate to say it, even the popular past time of playing bingo has become predominant in online gambling as it offers a great social aspect and fun time at a fraction of the cost of comparable poker or casino games. Other expanding markets include more discrete poker games as well as a rise in online casino play particularly in the slots sector.


Overall, the betting industry is poised for significant growth in the coming years with new operators entering the market on a monthly basis with great new promotions, bonus offerings and software to meet the growing demand from players. Please enjoy our site recreationally to help you become a winner, and of course gamble responsible and legally where allowed.

AUTHORS: Roger S., Mark W, Jasper W, Sebastian L, Jonathon W, Jim Griffin, Renee Kingsley, & Handicapper Professional Writers