Intro To Weighing The Odds

When we lecture about “weighing the odds,” we’re using a general term for evaluating possible wagers. Before placing a bet, there should be a variety of factors that bettors consider before ultimately putting their proportion of money down.

Bankroll Management

How much to bet per game is sometimes an afterthought for sports bettors, and it’s the number one reason that potentially profitable bettors go broke. We present an eye opening look at sports betting bankroll management with our featured author, Jim Griffin.

Jim gives players a realistic look of what kind of a bankroll it takes to profit heavily from sports betting and weighs the pros and cons of flat betting compared to the Kelly Criterion (go to middle of that page for info).

Bankroll management is one of the basic aspects of becoming a winning bettor. Understanding your risk of ruin and growth potential is of the upmost importance to maximizing your EV.

Line Shopping

Line shopping, or lack thereof, can be the difference between a winning and losing season. This is doubly true for novice players, where getting the best price is ultra-important. Picking the right side of the spread or total is not nearly as important as getting the best price on your wager.

Becoming an expert handicapper can take years of study and deep knowledge of each sport. However, even the most talented handicappers in the world won’t even come close to sniffing success if they don’t line shop.

The best part about line shopping is how simple it is to do. Anyone can become an expert line shopper and increase their bottom-line profits by thousands of dollars.

Finding Value

Finding value in markets can be tough due to the nature of international sports betting markets. When a legit sportsbook moves their lines on a key number, almost every sportsbook will follow the move within a matter of seconds. For this reason, bettors have to know what to look for if they want to spot inefficiencies within the market.

For beginning to intermediate sports bettors, there is plenty of value to be found in lesser bet markets, such as derivatives (propositions) and smaller market sports. Players can maximize their edges on a contest through these markets and via parlay and teaser betting in many cases.

Purchasing half-points is another area that many bettors have not considered or are employing improperly. Our breakdown of half-point math is among the best online and explains the difference in value of half-points on key numbers across all major sports.

Whether or not you’re chasing steam is another factor to consider when placing a wager. Going against a steam move is usually not advisable, but analyzing a steam move can be difficult. We do our best to examine potential profit opportunities when chasing steam in the above article.

Take Advantage of our Resources

The sport betting guides and articles at are the most comprehensive resource online when it comes to all forms of handicapping and sports betting strategy. We encourage bettors to eventually read all of our sections here, starting with betting basics, and moving onto intermediate betting and advanced handicapping content – if you are truly serious about the betting game. If not, carry on.

Evaluating odds and betting markets is something that bettors will have to do each and every day if they want to reach their maximum profit potential.

Author: Joseph Falchetti & Jim Griffin