True Poker Bad Beat Jackpot User Review

The Bad Beat Jackpot at True Poker, one of the top US-facing online poker rooms, will not be around for a long time. For a long time, True Poker was the only US friendly online poker site to offer a progressive jackpot and it will be the last to cancel it.

But the good news is that, although the online poker room is on the verge of eliminating its bad beat jackpot, it is giving players one final chance to win a slice of it. Beginning from September 1, players will no longer have to contribute to the bad beat jackpot, but can still win it as long as they are playing at a bad beat jackpot table.

Giving reasons for True Poker’s decision to eliminate its bad beat jackpot promotions, Michael Harris said that the network to which True Poker belongs is just responding to customer feedback. Apparently, loyal customers have informed the network that they are not happy with the bad beat jackpot, owing to which the network has decided to change the entire concept.

If any player is then dealt a hand with four eights or better and still loses he will hit the Bad Beat Jackpot and “win big just by losing”.

When a player loses with a hand that statistically is a winning hand, then it hurts. The Bad Beat Jackpot is a means for turning that agony into ecstasy.

*Important Changes*
The bad beat jackpot promotion page at the True Poker website now begins with an interesting question:

How would you like a chance to win the lottery without even having to pay for a ticket?

The rest of the page then goes on to explain that True Poker will not collect any player contributions to the Bad Beat Jackpot from September 1. In other words, players stand the chance of winning the bad beat jackpot even if they have not contributed anything to it — they only have to be playing at a bad beat jackpot table.

The bad beat jackpot at True Poker will be awarded to the player whose hand gets beaten when it contains quad eights or better, but players must play both cards in their hand.

The payout structure of the Bad Beat Jackpot is as follows.

  • 30% goes to the loser of the hand, which is the player with the Bad Beat hand.
  • 20% goes to the winner of the hand.
  • 10% is divided amongst the other players at the table. These players have to be dealt into the hand.
  • 30% goes to reseed the next jackpot.
  • 10% is retained by the house.
  • The Terms and Conditions – READ THEM!
    Some of the important terms and conditions of the True Poker Bad Beat Jackpot are given below. In order to qualify for a percentage of the table payout split, the players must have played at least one hand at that table.

  • Not all tables at True Poker qualify; only those marked with the letters BBJ form part of this promotion.
  • When the Bad Beat hand contains four or four kind eights or better, the hand must contain a pair in the hole cards.
  • Quads with three of a kind on the board and one card in the hand do not qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot.
  • Both the winning hand and the bad beat hand have to utilize both the hole cards.
  • Another condition for the Bad Beat Jackpot to be applicable is that a minimum of four players have to be dealt into the hand. The hand must be showed down after the river card is dealt in order to qualify. If the Bad Beat Jackpot is hit simultaneously at two separate tables, the jackpot will be awarded to the hand that began first according to the True Poker server game time.

    I’m not a huge fan of this jackpot. There are too many rules and let’s be honest, how many people playing the bad beats actually know anything more than what has to beat what. All in all, I prefer the jackpot at Paradise Poker – but I live in the USA so I can not play there.