How to Line Shop This Coming NFL Season

August 24th, 2014 By: Ron
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As we stress in our own article on the subject, sportsbook line shopping is of the upmost importance when it comes to becoming a profitable handicapper. It can often be the difference between having a winning year betting or a losing one. In the long-term, it’s easily worth thousands of extra dollars added to your bottom line.

However, not all of us, especially beginning sports bettors, have the bankroll to spread it around to multiple sportsbooks. We must insist that bettors use at least two different sportsbooks when betting offshore, but those can differ depending on what you’re looking for.

Best Overall Odds

5Dimes easily takes this category. They’re the only sportsbook to offer reduced juice markets, (-105 pricing), so they win this category by default. They also have highly customizable teaser and parlays odds. They offer two-team parlays at +265 and two-team, 6-point NFL teasers at +100.

Best Underdog Lines

Bovada heavily shades their lines to public betting action, meaning that bettors will often be able to get underdogs at an excellent price. Bovada is well known for this and can offer some amazing values, even on key numbers like 3 and 7. Players who line shop effectively will be able to find off-market prices on underdogs at the sportsbook.

TopBet, GTBets, and are secondary options that cater to public bettors and will generally shade lines towards public favorites as well.

Largest List of Markets

Again, I have to go with 5Dimes. Their list of markets rivals any sportsbook online; every bet type has a number of options, and there are odds on just about every sport in the world. They even added live-betting markets to give them the complete package.

Bovada and are somewhat comparable. Impressively, Bovada offers many foreign sports, even though they accept only Americas.

Proposition Markets

It’s hard to nail down just one site because these have become so popular in recent years, but I’ll go with Bovada. Their markets for player and team props seem to be the most massive. However,, 5Dimes, and BetOnline are all close behind.

Wagering Limits takes the cake in this regard, offering up to $20,000 on most major markets. They offer even higher limits upon request from management. Few sites take even close to this amount in the US market, and Bookmaker is not quick to limit professional-type bettors, unlike other sites.

Overnight Lines and Early Lines

BetOnline, 5Dimes, and all have overnight lines available at fairly decent limits. Bookmaker famously posts their lines the earliest; their slogan for a number of years was “Bookmaker: Where the Line Originates.” They have NFL odds up for the next week by Sunday evening.

Fastest Withdrawals

We’re going by check withdrawals because it’s the most widely used method. Most of the sites operate around the same time frame, about a week for checks, but Bovada has been the fastest in the past year or so. Players have reported checks arriving in just 2–3 days in some cases.

Author:  Joseph Falchetti

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