Types of Soccer Bets

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and there are many different types of soccer bets to cover the high demand for online soccer betting. Here is an in-depth look at each of the most popular types of soccer bets, and how they are utilized in online soccer betting.

Money Line – Soccer money lines generally offer odds on three different outcomes; one for each team to win, and one on the game to end in a draw. It is important when betting on soccer money lines to be aware of the sportsbook’s rules on money line wagers. Generally, a money line wager only covers the 90 minutes plus injury time of regulation play; overtime and penalties are not included. In some cases however, overtime can be included in these wagers, so be sure to know what you are betting on before you bet it.

Depending on the talent discrepancy between two teams, money line odds can vary from evenly matched at -110 on both sides (bet $110 to win $100) to heavy favorites in the -1000s (bet $1000 to win $100) and underdogs in the +1000s (bet $100 to win $1000). Odds on draws also vary drastically, depending on how evenly matched the teams are and what their likelihood of playing to a draw is.

Over/Under – For every soccer game, bookmakers set a total number of goals, and bettors can bet on whether the number of goals scored between the two clubs will go over or under the set total. Due to the low-scoring nature of soccer, the total is usually set fairly low. 2.5 is the most common over/under total in soccer, with the odds adjusted upon whether an over or under is more likely. The total is sometimes set as low as 2.0 in games expected to be very low-scoring, and as high as 3.5 in games expected to high-scoring. Determining the pace of the game by finding games featuring two teams that play a similar style (either offensive or defensive), bettors can find great value on soccer over/under wagers.

Point Spread – An alternative to the three-way betting offered on the money line is betting a game with the point spread. Most soccer games offer a point spread bet with the favorite at -0.5 and the underdog at +0.5. This gives underdog bettors a chance to eliminate the draw from the odds. Underdog bettors pay a bit more juice, but win in the event that their team wins or plays to a draw. In games with a more clear-cut favorite, the spread is set at -1.0/+1.0. Favorite bettors get better odds than they do on the moneyline as they need to win by two goals for their wager to cash (a one-goal win is a push), while underdog bettors have a lot more security than betting on the outright upset.

Parlay – A soccer parlay is a wager in which a bettor selects two or more different soccer sides and wins only if every side selected wins. The benefit to soccer parlay betting is that if every side selected wins, the payout is much greater than it would have been if each side had been bet individually. For this reason, soccer parlays are most popular when dealing with heavy favorites. If a bettor likes a side at +120, he may decide to parlay it with a side like Chelsea -600 over an inferior opponent. Now, instead of betting $100 to win $120, this $100 parlay will win about $155. Obviously there is some risk to a strategy like this, but it can be profitable if used wisely.

Proposition – Soccer proposition betting, also known as “prop” bets, offers a wide variety of specific wagers on players and statistics throughout the match. With soccer prop bets, bettors can bet on things such as exact final scores, which team will score the first goal, or more specifically which player will score the first goal. Betting on exact scores pays excellent odds, especially in the event that the score is not widely expected. Or perhaps you have determined that a midfielder has a great chance of exploiting this opponent’s defense, and you may find value on a prop bet on whether he will score a goal. Whether bet for entertainment or value, soccer proposition bets are a great option.