Basic Betting Guide for Soccer

soccer strikesSoccer is by far the most popular sport in the world. Anyone who doesn’t believe that only has to look at the atmosphere surrounding every Soccer World Cup; a worldwide spectacle rivaled only by the Olympics in terms of universal popularity.

As such, soccer is also the world’s most popular sport to bet on. While betting on soccer matches is somewhat overshadowed in parts of North America, the worldwide popularity of the sport makes soccer betting options available at every major sportsbook in the world.

Critics of soccer complain about the sport’s slow pace and low scoring; but many fail to realize that the beauty of the sport lies within its intricacies, and the low-scoring nature of the game makes goals that much more exciting. Unlike a sport like basketball where scoring is non-stop, every goal is an emotional thrill in soccer.

Soccer Team’s Style of Play

With 11 players on the pitch for each team, there are countless strategies and formations that a team can use, and learning each team’s tendencies is critical to success in online soccer betting. The world’s top clubs have such overwhelming talent at every position that strategy may not play a role against a vastly inferior opponent; but when two evenly matched or at least competitive teams take the pitch, strategy and execution often play a bigger role than skill does in how the game turns out.

  • Some teams opt for an aggressive style, constantly pushing the ball forward and opting for formations that get the midfielders more involved in the attack instead of sitting back on defense. These teams can be extremely exciting to watch, as they often have great goal-scoring strikers and facilitating midfielders. Aggressive teams can overwhelm opponents and score in bunches, but also leave themselves prone to counter-attacks.
  • Other teams play a more defensive brand of soccer, and focus more on keeping the ball out of their own net than scoring. Most of their offense comes from counter-attacking when the opposing team commits too heavily to trying to score. Teams that play this brand of soccer well are good possession teams; they rely on a series of high percentage passes to keep control of the ball and steadily shift the offense forward instead of looking for big home-run passes down the field.
  • Teams that are outmatched from a skill perspective will almost always opt for a defensive strategy against superior opponents, even if it is outside of their comfort zone. Trying to attack a faster, more talented team would often spell disaster for the inferior team; therefore, trying to defend and survive is a better strategy for earning a draw (or stealing a win) than trying to outplay a stronger team.

Important Note: When betting a soccer game, be sure to study each team’s most popular formations and strategies. More specifically, it is smart to analyze how they like to play against opponents similar to the one they are playing in this upcoming matchup. The world’s top clubs often play the same way no matter what, knowing they can go toe-to-toe with anyone. But for most teams, the type of team they are playing against and whether the game is at home or on the road will drastically affect their strategy.

Soccer Betting Strategies and Tips

With so many strategies and intricacies playing into the sport of soccer, implementing just one betting strategy is never enough. We have outlined some other important soccer betting strategies and tips, including the importance of schedule, road/home splits, and betting draws.

In our soccer betting strategies and tips page, we have taken a comprehensive look at these valuable soccer handicapping strategies. Along with learning everything you can about individual teams and players, getting a good grasp on these betting strategies will help you make more money betting soccer online.

Types of Soccer Bets

There are multiple different ways to bet on soccer, including on the money line, over/under, and with a point spread. There are also more advanced types of bets such as soccer parlay and proposition betting.

Helpful Information: We have broken down each of the different types of soccer bets that you can make. By knowing how each bet type works, you will be able to find the best type of bet for each match to maximize the return on your handicapping.

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