Paradise Poker Bad Beat Jackpot User Review

Paradise Poker is a reputed online poker room launched in 1998. It offers two poker rooms for wagering in U.S. dollars and in euros. Apart from the complete range of poker variants and tournaments, Paradise Poker also offers a number of attractive promotions to its players. Among the most popular of them is the Bad Beat Jackpot.

How Bad Beats Work
The tag line of the Paradise Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is “win when you are losing”. It comes into play when a player has a very high ranking hand that would ordinarily win, but another player at the table has an even higher ranked hand. Then the losing player is eligible for the Bad Beat jackpot under certain terms and conditions. The beauty of this jackpot is that it is progressive in nature and keeps growing till hit.

The biggest ever Bad Beat Jackpot at Paradise Poker was a whopping €1,265,583.34, which was hit on July 27th 2011.

The Bad Beat hand has to be four of a kind 2s or better.

The entire amount in the Bad Beat jackpot does not go to one player.

  • 10% is retained by Paradise Poker as an administrative fee.
  • 20% is used to seed the next jackpot. 70% is distributed to the players who were dealt into the round.
  • 50% of the amount distributed to the players goes to the one who held the Bad Beat hand, which is the second highest ranking hand.
  • 25% goes to the player who held the winning hand.
  • The balance 25% is shared by all the other players who were dealt into the round.
  • Know The T&C’s If You Are Serious – BBJ and NL Holdem Only
    Players at Paradise Poker should be aware of the detailed terms and conditions of the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion. This is important because the promotion does not automatically apply to all tables. The round of poker that triggers the Paradise Poker Bad Beat Jackpot must have been played at a Texas Hold’em table that is a pre-designated “jackpot table”. Therefore it makes sense to play at such tables.

  • The round must have at least four participating players.
  • The round must have reached a final pot from which both rake and jackpot contributions were deducted.
  • It must have been played to the showdown.
  • Both the winning hand and the Bad Beat hand have to include both hole cards.
  • How The Jackpot Progresses
    At the end of a round of poker at a designated jackpot table the rake is first deducted from the pot. Then the contribution to the Bad Beat Jackpot is deducted from the remaining pot. The Bad Beat Jackpot is common to all jackpot tables and is independently fed by contributions from all these tables. When a player at any of the tables meets the Bad Beat Jackpot conditions the amount at that time is distributed at the winning table only. The Bad Beat Jackpot is reset to the seed level and starts rising again.

    The bad beat jackpot tends to rise relatively slowly and you can only play at Paradise Poker if you live outside of the United States. While I believe the jackpot is superior at Paradise Poker, I will sometimes play True Poker’s jackpot if the payout is high enough. Otherwise I stick to the $1k non-progressive jackpots at Bovada BBJ tables. If the poker site had more player size it would be more interesting but I tend to only play the BBJ tables when the progressive is over €100,000.