Check Your Emotions at the Gate

May 27th, 2014 By: Ron
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Sports betting is something that requires patience, an analytical mind, an attention to detail and an unwavering belief in oneself to overcome the odds (pun intended) to become successful. It does not require an individual to be highly skilled at the sports game he is betting on before he can become a successful bettor, yet at least having a general understanding of the game can help (to be profitable long term).

More importantly, however is the ability to ride the wave of mixed emotions and ups and downs that can accompany the wins and losses in any sports betting career.

Rollercoaster Ride of Emotion

When you engage yourself in sports betting, you will experience thrills, tension and euphoria as you place your bet on a sports team. The mixed emotions and sensations that you’ll feel from the time you place your bet on your team until you find out the final outcome of your bet can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned veterans. If it turns out that you have made the right prediction, the feeling of joy will sink as you imagine your pockets being filled with your cash winnings.  This, unfortunately are emotions of a casual bettor, not a professional where ups and downs are a part of lifes’ paybills.

Success in this area is a little bit elusive for those who base everything they do on “luck.” A bettor who places a bet based on his gut feeling is more than likely going to lose. It is important that you familiarize yourself with everything that goes into sports betting so as not to lose your way.

Don’t Fall in Love With a Team

An important tip to remember is to be aware of emotional factors. If you are the type of bettor who also plays the game or has a deep interest in the game, you’ll more than likely have a favorite team. Your opinion towards the way they play is already influenced by the fact that you like them and have a history with them. Whereas a team that you don’t know, if the team’s best player is injured or the morale of the group is down because of their losing streak, it wouldn’t matter to you and this is the stance you must take with all teams that you place your money on.

There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite team, however it will be dangerous for you as well as your money if you bet on them. A sensible thing to do is just sit down on the couch and enjoy the game when your favorite team is playing, unless you are truly capable of switching off your emotions before placing a bet.

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