2. How To Bet and Deposit Online in Vietnam

Gambling Law for Vietnam

The gambling laws of Vietnam are very strict, but online betting is very popular here. What you hear about in the news regarding gambling busts is mostly agents operating locally or involves casinos of our bordering countries. Crown Casino from Cambodia and Indonesian owned M88 are not good options to use from Vietnam. Due to the presence of local agents, these are the ones the police target.

When (from the privacy of your own home) you use websites that are legitimate, legal and licensed in foreign countries there is no issue. In this article I will discuss how to use these sites.

Asian Bookie Bodog88 Easiest to Use

bodog88-vietnam-depositBodog88.com is licensed in the Philippines where gambling is fully legal. They offer betting on football (soccer) and other sports, and have a casino, online poker and Mahjong. When opening an account from their website use your real address. Also, be sure to select USD as the currency.

Do not worry that your account is not in Vietnamese dong (VND). As can be seen in the image shown, Bodog88 will convert the currency when you deposit. They accept direct bank transfer from Asia Commercial Bank, DongA Bank, Sacombank, and Vietcombank.

Understanding Post Up

In case you’re brand new to online betting, understand Bodog88 and other websites discussed on this page operate on a post up basis. You fund your account with a deposit. Let’s say you deposit 5,000,000₫. This will give you account balance of around $240 USD. If you make a $50 sports bet this will be taken from you balance, leaving you $190. If the bet wins the $50.00 is added back to your account and the winnings are added too. This works the same way for casino, poker and mahjong too.

As you bet and win, your post up account balance grows larger. When you want to be paid all or some of this balance you can request a withdrawal. For this Bodog88 pays with transfer to your local Vietnam Bank account. There are other options too such as e-wallets I discuss later in this article.

Is Bodog88 Legal?

Bodog88.com is only a website / branding name. The companies that own Bodog Asia are Haydock Sports Limited and Novenix Corp. Both have been licensed in the Philippines since 24 July 2007. They operate fully legal under the laws of Philippines and international law.

Understand Bodog88 has no presence in Vietnam whatsoever. This is what makes them different from Crown, M88 and others that have agents here. Our police have no jurisdiction over companies that have no connection to Vietnam. Yes, for players it is technically illegal – but what you do in your own home is not something the police bother with.

Using Other Gambling Sites

When betting casino and poker it makes sense to have accounts at multiple websites to take advantage of promotions at each. For sports betting this is even more ideal. You can shop the odds at multiple sites and bet at whichever bookmaker has the best odds for the team you like. Also www.bet365.com has live sports streams. You can watch football (soccer), tennis, volleyball and other sports matches right from their website. To access the streams you just need to have money deposited into your account.

Setting up E-Wallets

Using websites such as Bet365 requires having an e-wallet. www.skrill.com is one of the best for Vietnam. This works very much like an online bank account. The problem is it takes time to open but if you do so successfully you will be glad you did. First complete all the sign up instructions. Next request to verify you address. They will send a letter postal mail to your home. When you get it you enter the code and are confirmed. You can then send them a wire transfer at your bank which can verify your bank account.

The advantage to Skrill is you can move money between betting websites easily. Say you have money in both Bet365 and Bodog88. You then see good odds or a promo at another gambling site. You can withdrawal from either or both these sites some or all of your balance. With your Skill balance you can then deposit to this third site. This is an excellent way to use many websites without ever having your bank see that you are gambling online. Whenever you want to take money out of Skrill you can request they transfer back to your bank.

The best way to fund Skill is to purchase a Rêv Visa Internet Card. Not only does this card work at Skrill but it also works at baokim.vn and paypal.com. Although gambling sites don’t accept this method exchanges are possible.

There are other e-wallets available too. Bet365 accepts both EntroPay and Skrill. wmtransfer.vn is accepted at William Hill, PokerStars.com and other sites. If you check the forum section of PokerEmbassy.net (a Vietnamese poker forum) you can find traders with good feedback. Perhaps you only have Baokim or PayPal and need a swap. Here you can find who is legit to trade with.

Now that you know about e-wallets you can browse onlinebetting.com. If any of the websites we mention on any other page are of interest to you, figuring out how to deposit will not be too difficult.

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