2. Online Gambling and Betting Law in Malaysia

The Gambling Laws in Malaysia

Online betting is very popular in Malaysia, but rarely a month passes without the news showing details of a major internet gambling site. This is misleading because these reports near always involve unlicensed gambling. Smart punters bet without fear because we use bookmakers that are legal and licensed in foreign countries.

In South East Asia, Philippines is a location with legal gambling. An even safer jurisdiction is the United Kingdom (UK). They have had licensed retail bookmakers since 1961. As these websites are legal and licensed abroad, Malaysian police have no jurisdiction over them. Players who use these sites in the privacy of their own home are not of police interest. This is very easy to do and is the safest option for betting online. In this article I discuss this topic in detail.

Which Gambling Sites to Use?

Depositing at websites located in the Philippines is the easiest. www.bodog88.com is an all-in-one from this location. They have real money poker, casino, sports betting and Mahjong. They accept bank transfers from Malaysian banks. This can be done using online banking or at the ATM Machine. However, UK sites are the most heavily regulated for game fairness and are the most financially secure. To use UK websites, depositing is an extra step.

EntroPay Explained

UK websites do not accept VISA and MasterCard debit that are connected to Malaysian banks. It is still possible to use your card to deposit. Just set up a free United States dollar (USD) account at www.entropay.com. This gives you a free Virtual Visa Card number. You can then use your Malaysian ringgit (MYR) debit card to fund Entropay in USD for a 4.9% load fee. Once your EntroPay card is loaded, it can be used to deposit at any of the UK betting sites listed below.

Where to Play from Malaysia
Bet365 is obvious. Ladbrokes has Malaysia promotions, and sponsors sports events in Malaysia. BWIN sets Malaysians to $12 betting limit so hard to make much unless you play a lot.

A couple quick notes is the first time you fund EntroPay you might need to register with Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code for your card to work. This is easy to do; just follow the instructions provided when making the load. The other issue is do not panic if EntroPay sends you a notice that your account has been temporarily restricted. This is simply a security check. They are licensed in the UK where gambling is legal. It is fine to send them your ID, funding source, and tell them the name of the betting site you are looking to fund.

Sports Betting in Malaysia

If betting football and other sports is your interest, it is wise to open accounts at all the bookmakers I listed. This allows you to compare odds and bet at whichever bookmaker has the best price for the team or player you are looking to back. This said, www.bet365.com is the one MUST HAVE account. Astro, MiTV, FineTV and other Malaysian cable companies only cover so many spots matches. At Bet365 you can watch live-streams right from their website and even bet matches that are in-play.

For reason Bet365 is global you’ll find they cover more sports matches from around the world than any other site. All major and minor football leagues are available. You can also bet tennis, basketball, Formula 1, cricket, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, darts, snooker and much more. They essentially have coverage of every league of ever country.

When it comes to Malaysian sports you can find these too. For football (soccer) this includes Liga Super Malaysia (Super League), Liga Perdana Malaysia (Premier League), Piala FA Malaysia (FA Cup) and Piala Malaysia (Malaysia Cup). As a basketball fan, their live in-play betting on Malaysia Dragons matches from ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) is one of my favorites. They also stream field hockey matches of our women’s team competing in World League. Tennis and badminton competitions held in Malaysia are also a plus.

The one thing to note is they do not offer Malay odds format the same as Asian bookies have. Here you’ll need to bet in decimal, US or UK odds. I have an article on how each odds format works.

When you join Bet365, before depositing ask them to change your account currency from Malaysian ringgit (MYR) to United States dollars (USD). Because your EntroPay account is in USD there is no point paying double exchange. Also, when using a USD account your first deposit is doubled. They offer a 100% up to $200 (US) initial deposit match as a sports betting bonus.

Online Casinos for Malaysia

All of the gambling sites listed earlier in this article have online casino games. These are quite advanced and include games with actual dealers being broadcast from a dealing studio. These dealers deal the cards, spin the wheel and shake the dice live in real time. You are watching this on your computer while making bets online. It functions much the same as if you were sitting in a casino of Resorts World Genting or any other.

There are also online slots and traditional RNG games too. No matter if you’re into baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps (dice), slots or some other game you can find it each of the casinos listed.

Online Poker for Malaysia

The same as sports betting and casino, all the websites listed in this article offer online poker. If you’re looking for the largest player volume and massive tournaments I suggest instead using www.PokerStars.com – they accept EntroPay too. However, the easiest to beat games are at www.bodog88.com. Most of the player base comes from China, Thailand, Korea, and Malaysia. Poker is not yet popular in any of those countries. As a result you will find many players who are new to poker and not very good. This makes the games on average much easier to beat.

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