Best Ways to Win Keno Games

Understand the Rules of the Game

The rules of Keno games are fairly simple and straightforward with the most confusion arising over the different types of tickets that are available. Make sure to select a type of ticket that you are familiar with as you don’t want confusion to beat you out of a win. Understand the odds of the game and the payout schedule so you are familiar with aspects of the game that will be affected if you win and beat Keno odds.

Understand the Odds of the Game

The game of keno offers poor odds for the player and the chance to beat the odds are slim as it is a game of chance. Nevertheless, the game remains popular due to its simplicity, the fact that all players have an equal chance of winning and the fact that a small outlay can translate into a huge win. By understanding the odds of the game, you can understand how to beat the odds more effectively. If you examine the odds you will see that playing four spots gives you the best odds of a win.

The odds of winning something are 2.86 to 1, while the top win for a four spot game is a payout of 325 to 1. The odds decrease dramatically after that. Playing a game with more than 6 spots is only worthwhile if you are looking to win small prizes regularly, as opposed to beating the odds and taking home a huge win. On the other hand, if you are playing in the hopes of taking home a life-changing win then selecting a large amount of numbers is the only way to go.

Selecting Numbers

The game of keno is completely random so which numbers you select should have no bearing on whether you win Keno or not. That being said, there are those that swear by certain systems for choosing numbers and are determined that these methods can be used to beat the odds. Some recommend against selecting consecutive numbers. Some say you should look for trends or streaks before you select your numbers. Some say you should choose numbers that have not been selected for some time. Some say you should select the same numbers every time you play.

Manage your Bankroll

It is important to manage your bankroll effectively in a game of keno. It is more worthwhile to bet a large amount on fewer spots than to bet a smaller amount on a larger number of spots. You will need to divide your bankroll before you begin to play to set aside enough cash for each game. Decide if you are looking for smaller regular wins or one life-altering win and bet an amount accordingly. Make sure to set limits on the amount you can lose before you begin to play and ensure that you only play with money that has been set aside specifically for keno play. Once you reach any of your pre-set limits, you must stop playing.