Hockey Propositions

When proposition betting was first introduced many players felt it was being offered as an attention getting device and was not on the same level of betting as the more traditional forms. In a hockey proposition betting, the bookmaker can create odds on any event that will occur within a game. There are no guidelines or rules on what this event can be, imagination and the sky are the only limits – usually. Today it is a well established form of online hockey betting that is both unpredictable and exciting. Proposition bets are often called “exotic” or “specialty” bets too. More common names for this kind of bet are also side bets, prop bets, props, and/or exotic bets.

Although many sports feature proposition betting, including National Hockey League (NHL) hockey games, this form of wagering became popular during the Super Bowl, where billions of dollars in proposition bets are made each year. However, baseball was the actual game of origin for this type of betting.

Props entail placing a bet on a specific event happening. This would be within the game play and would not affect the final outcome of the hockey game. Here are some examples of some topics a players would make a proposition bet on:

• Who will record more points?
• Who will score first?
• How many goals would be scored in the first period?
• Who will score first in the game?

The bookmaker will set odds on each category. This is what the third query above (how many goals…) would look like:

No goals first period +300
1 goal in first period -335
3 goals in first period +250
3 or more goals in first period +315

The more popular proposition bets will be offered by most bookmakers, but some will be available only through a smaller group of online sportsbooks or might even be exclusive to one bookmaker. There are a large number of prop bets offered every day of the NHL season, of course during the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs the number of prop bets grows dramatically.

Hockey Proposition Tips and Strategies

Hockey proposition betting tips and strategies, and as is the case in all online hockey betting, placing proposition bets calls for some study and some personal handicapping. It requires as much knowledge as you would need to play the money lines, puck lines, and even the Grand Salami.

For example, if you want to place a bet on which team will score the first goal, you have to know who the goaltender for each team will be. You will have to know which team is at home and which one is playing away. The odds are generally better on the home team. How tired is the team? Will it affect how aggressively they will play in the first period of the game?. For prop bets it is always good to place a bet on a team that you are following regularly. That way you know the overall style of play for the team and for the individual players.

Prop bets can be more fun than any other kind of bet. The only thing that the bookmaker needs to develop a proposition bet is imagination, and sometimes a wacky sense of humor.

Placing a Wager

The most important hockey proposition betting tip that anyone can give a future bettor is to choose your online sportsbook carefully. No matter what the sport, security, outstanding service, ease of use, and a good reputation for accurate and timely payouts are vitally important factors that must be considered.