Hockey Parlays

While a standard bet placed on individual hockey games is generally done through the money lines, puck lines, and the Grand Salami, you can also place your money on a hockey parlay betting. Parley payouts are based on the individual money line odds for multiple teams playing. The greater number of teams involved the bigger the potential payout.

Hockey parlays involve placing a single wager on two or more teams. These bets are sometimes called “accumulators”. If any team loses you forfeit the entire parlay – unfortunately.

If one of the games is tied, or even canceled, the parlay falls to the next lowest number, meaning, if you had a 4 team parlay, and 1 got canceled, then your 4 team parlay bet would turn into a 3 team one.

The attraction for this type of online betting is the potential payout. There is greater risk involved, but the player can win much larger amounts of money – lots more.

Strategies and Tips for Hockey Parlay Bets

During the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs there is heavy online betting in parlays. There are many important games being played in a single week and players are paying much more attention to the odds for each game.

Players can bet from 2 to 12 games in a parlay. ALL teams have to win though for your bet to be successful, so a 12 game parlay would be considered to be a reckless bet, especially for beginners. The returns are huge, but winning this type of bet becomes less likely with each additional team. So to start off with some of the hockey parlay online betting tips, you should consider the fact that betting on a high number of teams is best left to the very informed hockey enthusiast, or extreme risk takers.

You have to decide if the number of teams involved in a parlay is so great that it renders the bet impossible to win. For example: the odds on a 12 team parlay with -110 odds would be 2,000 to 1. That would make for a huge win, but the likelihood of it happening is so remote, that it might just not be worth doing – unless you have the dough to risk.

A very conservative wager would be on 2 or 3 team parlay. Experts recommend parlays that include 5 or 6 teams, but then again, they are experts.

The parameters have to be the same for each game. You cannot base your bet on the halftime score for one game and the end score for another. You can place your bet using various styles, such as over/under, point spread, and so on. Again, whatever style you choose, you must stick to the parameters of that particular parlay.

It is very important that you understand the terms and conditions of the parlay on which you are wagering. You also have to be aware of what will happen to your parlay if some of the parameters are not met. The “push” or tie game is a perfect example. Most bookmakers will treat a draw as a reduction in the number of games in the parlay; as mentioned above, a 4 team parlay will drop down to 3 teams and the winnings will be paid out as if it was a 3 team parlay bet. If your parlay involves 2 teams only, your bet would become a standard straight bet in many cases. However some bookmakers would treat the bet as a “no-win” and your wager would be lost.

In any sports betting, knowing the terms affecting your bet is essential. You could lose your entire budget by not realizing what will happen if all the terms of your bet are not met, or if there is an exception.

Placing an Online Bet

It does not matter what sport you are placing a bet on, your most important choice is the sportsbook that will receive your wager. Security for deposits and reliable payouts, along with outstanding service are crucial factors to be considered in your choice of an online sportsbook. We suggest that you check out our list of recommended sportsbooks to guarantee yourself the very best online gaming experience possible, and once you make your choice, go right ahead and make your hockey parlay bets.