Hockey Money Lines

The National Hockey League money lines provide the bettor with odds based on winning or losing the game. The odds are expressed in terms of the money bet as compared to the money won on each bet. The team favored to win is shown with a negative in front of the number. If you use a base line bet of $100, a value of -140 tells you that $140.00 will be required to win $100.

The odds for the underdog are shown with a positive or plus sign. Therefore an amount of +110 tells the bettor that they will be risking $100 to win $110.

* Please see illustration below to help understand money line bets, text explanation follows.

Money Line Hockey

Here is a sample of how the odds for an NHL game would be displayed:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs +110
  • Montreal Canadiens -140

The bookmaker takes many things into account when establishing the odds for each game. Which team has the strongest goalie? Who is the home team? Who has been traded? Who is out because of an injury? How did the team perform the previous year? Where do they rank in the current year? There are many variables that have to be factored into establishing the odds for any one game, and hence, for your money line or point spread hockey bet too.

Despite the expertise of the oddsmakers, the individual following their favorite sport is also likely to arrive at their own odds. A careful bettor with a highly focused knowledge of a particular team can often “beat the odds”. This is especially true in the NHL where the professional odds are not as “sharp” as those in the more popular NFL or NBA.

European Hockey Money Lines

While the money lines for European Hockey show the win/lose odds, they also show the odds for a tie game. These would be shown as follows:

  • Dynamo Moscow +120
  • Draw +310
  • Metallurg Magnitogorsk -110

This adds a third element to placing your hockey money line betting, so evaluating your position is a bit more complex than it would be for an NHL game.

The quality of play in the European leagues is excellent, so following the games and placing bets should be as exciting as it would be for the NHL. Many North American sportsbooks also provide lines on the European games.

Hockey Money Line Betting Tips

Of all the sports, hockey is the most lucrative for those placing wagers online. The reason is very simple: there are multiple games being played on any one night, and bookmakers spend less time calculating the odds for hockey than for other more popular sports. The volume of people placing wagers online for football and basketball makes it very important for the oddsmakers to keep their point spreads and money lines very “tight” (as close to the reality of what will happen in the game as possible). The result is that of all the sports, hockey provides the best value for the bettor.

Hockey bettors can also take advantage of the lowest acceptable wager amounts. Because of the reduced care taken in calculating the odds for the hockey games, online sportsbooks in general are more willing to allow lower betting limits than are available for other sports; making these points above, great hockey moneyline online betting tips for all bettors.

There are two main systems for calculating the odds for hockey games. Because the scoring in hockey is less volatile than for other sports, money lines are the most widespread method of betting. You could also place your bet using the puck line system, but we will not be dealing with that method in the present article.

Placing an Online Bet

We would like to give you one last tip concerning placing bets online. Whether you are placing a wager on a hockey game or any other sport, security and outstanding service are vitally important factors in your choice of an online sportsbook. We suggest that you check out our list of recommended online betting sites to ensure yourself the very best online gaming experience possible so you can make your sport bets.