Tips on Betting Hockey Games

hockey betsYear in and year out, many handicappers swear by online hockey betting as a consistent moneymaker. With football and basketball betting overlapping the hockey season, some bettors make the mistake of overlooking hockey; but it is not only a fun and exciting sport to watch, but a great sport to profitably bet on as well.

Handicapping Teams!

I: Know That: The key to betting on hockey is handicapping team systems. While star goal scorers and goaltenders dominate the headlines, the most successful bettors often succeed due to their knowledge of each team and and how they will approach that given game.

II: Know That: Some teams play an exciting and fast-paced offensive brand of hockey that focuses on attacking more than defending. These teams play aggressive and fast, trying to overwhelm the opposing team with a flurry of offense. Other teams focus more on the defensive side of the game; while the post-lockout era in the NHL has done away with “the trap”, some teams do still have great success slowing the game down and defending. Teams that play this style often wait for their opponents to make a mistake to capitalize offensively.

III: Know That: When two teams with similar styles meet, bettors can make a strong educated guess as to how the pace of the game will play out. Two offensive-minded teams will often have high-scoring games as both are comfortable shooting out and not playing defense; defensive-minded teams are more prone to low-scoring defensive struggles.

Obvious? While this may sound obvious enough, many bettors don’t take the time to familiarize themselves with the playing styles of all 30 teams. Bettors that do take the time often reap huge rewards, and is our bible for endless stats and statistical information and valuable details on each team. Anticipating that a game will be high-scoring or low-scoring will give bettors a great indicator of where to find value on moneyline, puckline, and over/under wagers.

Notice: Of course, team systems aren’t the only thing worth handicapping in online hockey betting. Here are some other tips to consider.

More Wagering Strategies and Tips

While the age-old betting tip rule states that teams play better at home, this isn’t always a universal truth. Some teams tend to play too tense in front of their home crowd, and win frequently while they are on the road. Others do follow the rule, and clearly use their home crowd for added momentum. Keep in mind that not all home advantages and road disadvantages are created equal; study each team’s tendencies.

Other strategies in hockey include knowing who’s goal-tending to keeping up with injuries. Some websites list starting goaltenders and while it is easy to foresee a backup goaltender starting one night of a back-to-back, there are many routine days off that are easy to overlook if you don’t double check. Also, hockey players are notoriously tough, and playing through injuries is a part of the game. Therefore, just because a player is playing doesn’t necessarily mean he’s 100% healthy. Pay close attention to injury reports, especially those involving nagging injuries like the groin and back. Knowledge that a key player isn’t likely to be himself could possess huge value.

Types of Hockey Bets

There are several types of hockey bets a bettor can place in today’s online market, anything from standard Hockey Over/Under and Money Line Bets to more advance betting like First Period Hockey and Grand Salami Bets.

Read our in-depth look at the different types of hockey wagers you can make. We provide clear definitions and detailed examples of how each type of hockey bet works. Soon you will be well informed and educated to make a knowledgeable hockey bet at your favorite online betting site.

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