Football Betting Tips and Strategies

Football is by far the most popular bet sport in the United States. What’s so brilliant about it is, unlike baseball and basketball, where the betting lines open the night before a game, with football we have a full week to prepare. This is because online sportsbooks post football betting lines Sunday evenings for the games to be played the following weekend. If you’re new to football betting, as in have never placed a bet, refer to my page on football bet types and at minimum read the articles on point spreads, moneylines and over/under betting. Readers already familiar with the basics of how sports betting works can continue reading this page where I discuss football betting tips and strategy.

Learning to Handicap NCAA & NFL Football

If you truly want to get into learning NFL handicapping I’d suggest you head to Amazon and purchase the book Conquering Risk by Elihu D. Feustel. Be aware, it will take you months of reading, learning and becoming a computer expert to gain enough information to become a professional handicapper. This also takes all the fun out of betting and turns it into a job that involves serious time commitment. And finally, none of this is even required to make massive profits betting sports. If you value your time, there are far better ways. I’ll cover those ways in this article.

Beginners’ Football Betting Strategy

If you’re brand new to sports betting strategy and not all that excited to learn about the mathematics of it all, the good news is there’s an easy strategy to get started. First you want to register an account with several reputable online betting sites and then develop a solid set of betting systems. From here refer to my article on football betting systems. These football betting tips are enough information to get you started, but you also need to understand the importance of line shopping.

Line Shopping

A 2+2 forum poster with the handle “tech” once made an epic post that in his many football betting tips included “I know far more winning line shoppers than I do winning handicappers”. This same quote has appeared in dozens of articles on betting strategy for reason is the single most important concept to winning sports betting…. “always bet at the best price”. Now line shopping is easy when you see Patriots are -7 -110 at and -6.5 -110 at BetOnline, obviously here we make the wager at BetOnline. It’s also easy when the line is Intertops -9 -115 and Bovada -9 -110, here bet at Bovada. But what happens when the lines is JustBet -9.5 -105 or YouWager -9 -110. In this case it’s not easy to decide, but… we’ve taken all the guess work out of that decision by creating an NFL half-point calculator. This valuable tool makes line shopping so much easier.

Now that you have the basics, use the referred to betting systems and bonuses for a while, bookmark this page and come back at a later date for the purpose of learning intermediate betting strategy.

Intermediate Strategy for Football Betting

For many readers the information I’ll refer to here might seem advanced, but it’s all really simple. The first thing you should do before proceeding is read my article on fade the public. This is an important article as it explains why the betting market at is the most efficient, even though they don’t accept US players. Now once you understand this you’ll know removing juice from Pinnacle’s lines and then shopping recreational sites such as for any odds that beat the no-vig price is enough to start making profit betting sports. From here everyone attempts to make things too complex, while claiming “I’m not a good at math”.

Some Basic Math is Required

If you want get into advanced betting strategy you’re going to need to know “some math”. We have tools such as no-vig calc and odds converter that help reduce the need for math. But if you want to advance on to any of our more detailed strategies be prepared you’ll need to do some simple multiplication, addition, subtraction and division along the way.

So where to get started? In theory the best way to make money is to stick only to playing the correct side of the betting arbitrage which means betting any lines at other sites that beat the PinnacleSports no-vig price. Unfortunately though, finding betting odds that beat the Pinnacle no-vig price is difficult these days as many people are on to this system. In order to do this it becomes important to learn new betting strategy such as teaser betting strategy and derivative betting. Each of those two articles are incredibly valuable, if you’re looking to make money betting football online be, absolutely sure to read those two.

Advanced Betting Strategy

My article on football prop betting provides valuable handicapping tips. Here you’ll learn my ins and outs of handicapping a specific market while also gaining an early understanding of the handicapping process. Odds are set using simple formulas and from here adjustments are required. Finding those formulas for all markets is difficult, as is discovering which adjustments to make. The good news is simply by learning the football betting tips shared on our website you’ll like already be a winning sports bettor. And, just from having been in the process the bits of pieces of valuable information that can be picked up on forums or by reading books. Just realizing learning profitable betting strategy is a process and our pages give bettors and excellent head star. With that I conclude by wishing you the absolute best of luck.

Author:  Jim Griffin