Articles, Info-Graphs and Comparison Lines for NFL

Whether you are a novice or serious football bettor, this page will serve as a great guide to help you become more profitable in the wagers you place. Just below, you will find detailed and easy to understand info-graphs as well as news articles covering the latest and most popular topics such as how sportsbooks actually profit from you or how fast sportsbooks are paying (separate section) which covers the payout speeds of the line comparisons shown at the bottom of the page.

In the middle of the page you will find a wide-variety of football articles covering insightful topics on tips, strategies, and betting. I’d say the most popular amongst our readers is how prop bets work (popular during superbowl). Towards the bottom you will find a plethora of football betting information ranging from line comparisons for point spreads, money lines, and half lines. The sites listed for line comparison are completely legitimate. You can now see by their logo how many times they occurred lowest odds.


InfoGraph: The Rise of U.S. Sportsbooks

This infograph details the online sportsbooks that serve the US. It shows what sites made it to the top, are legit in their ways. We use a small timeline image for your viewing.


Infograph: Scams of a Handicappers

We take some time out on this article to discuss the misleading information that touts 'preach' in their false promises.


InfoGraph: How Sportsbooks Make Money

This infograph details how sportsbooks earn profits daily, how people (and who) are beating the books, and how much Vegas casinos are earning in profits from the sportsbooks.

New Jersey Sports Betting Hearing...Results June

The fight for legal sports betting in the Garden State started up once again on Tuesday as the state squared off against the US Department ...

2015 Week 10: Fantasy Football Picks for the NFL

My fantasy football picks last week was my best week of the year, by far. I hit on a ton of plays in this article, ...

2015 NFL Week 3 - Fantasy Football Picks

It’s been a subpar start to the season for me, but I’ve gotten some feedback via Twitter that plenty of you are enjoying the column ...

Articles: Strategies, Types of Wagers You Can Place, Betting Tips, and More

Learn all you need to know about basketball betting in the articles below. You can find helpful tips and strategies covering basic subjects like point spreads, money lines, and over/unders, to intermediate topics like parlays and betting systems, to more advance information covering subjects like betting derivatives or pleasers and teasers.

General Football Strategy

This article consists of three sections; beginner, intermediate, and advanced betting strategies to help you win.

NFL Bet Types

Basic wagers are discussed like money lines, over/unders, and point spreads, as well as more advanced bets like teasers and pleasers.

Betting NFL Derivatives

An overlooked strategy, derivative betting, is one of the most powerful concepts to profiting in football.

Top 5 NFL Betting Systems

Lists the best NFL betting systems, why they are considered the best, and explains each one in detail.

Spread Betting Tips

An in-depth look at the most common type of football wager, helpful tips, and detailed examples are provided.

How NFL Odds Works

Learn how to wager and read football money lines, and an easy to follow betting example is provided.

Over/Under Tips

Explains one of the simplest types of bets you can place, learn tips and strategies, and handicapping betting totals.

NFL Prop Betting Strategy

Complete guide to NFL proposition betting including where to place prop bets, strategy, and how to handicap them.

Winning NFL Parlays

Parlay bets are explained, how to get around fixed odds, and why correlated parlays can be beneficial.

Advanced Teaser Strategy

This article explains what a teaser bet is, how to beat them, understanding the odds, and strategies.

How to Bet Pleasers

A full examination of pleaser bets including what they are, where to bet them, and if they really are a sucker bet.

NFL Sportsbook Guide

Clicking on the numbers below will now yield a “history chart” of odds movements. Please also take note of the number located next to the NFL sportsbook for lower vig NFL books. There are hundreds of online sportsbooks, all claiming they are the best, but we have done the research for you and included the six most trusted; Bovada, BetOnline, BookMaker, TopBet, 5Dimes, and BetDSI. Below you will find line comparisons, betting trends, money line and point spread odds, the three different types of odds specifications, and much more.

Live Betting Line Comparisons

Bet Calculator