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Legal Uses and Laws

Important!  US customers – It is illegal to bet sports online.  We do not condone, nor do we profit from sportsbooks accepting US customers.  Per the Wire Act, and the Clarification Act we do not promote gambling to US based citizens, all sponsor codes are removed and no ad revenues are generated. is part of a worldwide network with online bettors and gamblers from hundreds of different countries visiting our pages. We do not participate in IP blocking of information seekers. We are not a gambling site. Due to the large variations in country or state laws it is up to the web visitors whom take part in viewing information on or associated sites to partake in due diligence and bet where legal in their country, state, city, or local jurisdiction.

Unlawful use of information on this website is not at the responsibility of the owners, authors, or any personnel that help maintain this and other sites owned by the domain owner and company. is not an online betting or gambling site and does not accept commission-able revenues through advertisements from players participating in sports betting in the United States unless legal per the UIGEA clarification act such as Fantasy bets.  We relay the information found online but do not profit from any illegal activities.

Betting lines and betting trends are not set by We have no control over any lines or trend data, we rely on third part websites to compare the data. In no way do we set lines or benefit from setting them nor do we handle any transactions for online betting.

Our Advertisements

We are paid by gambling sites to place ads on our site. We are extremely careful who we allow to advertise, in fact we really only trust a few sites so you will notice the majority of our advertisements are the same and have been for over 8 years of our companies operation of running betting information sites. The customers safety comes first and foremost.  We do not accept advertisements of illegal operations or unlicensed gambling sites.

Accuracy of Information

One to three people operate this site depending on the season. While we try and keep all information as accurate as possible with daily updates, we cannot guarantee all information will be updated at all times. Such things as bonuses, gaming site promotions, online gambling news, or laws are subject to change at anytime. owners are not responsible for incorrect information found on this site or sister sites.  We pride ourselves in our authors to build this site.  We have sought the sports betting writers in the industry and know all the articles are in-depth and accurate.

Voting Disclaimer

500 participants are paid to take a survey and in it, rank the sites they play. Among other variables, participants must have played at the poker site within one year, been a winning poker player, and played at 3 or more of the sites within the past 6 months. Survey conducted by a third party resource – although we double check and know first hand if the results are accurate.

No Contact Policy

We do not handle monetary funds to and from online betting sites. OnlineBetting is not a financial institution and any phone numbers or emails located here or on “Whois” information is to be used privately, and not by online gamblers wishing to contact us. Please contact the gaming site directly as we can not, and will not be able to answer your questions regarding any funds going to and from a betting site, especially from us accepted sports betting sites. We can not and do not handle any funds from the online betting sites operations directly related to sports.

Loses and Fund Seizures

Money lost at any online betting establishment is at the player’s expense. No money lost or seized by any government will be re-reimbursed by this website. Gamblers must understand the risk of betting online and take responsibility for their betting behavior. Compulsive behavior can be consulted on various websites including Gamblers

In the unlikely event that a countries government or other governing body seizes money, the player must pursue these monies via their own arrangements. In almost all cases, while governments may seize money, the online gaming service will refund any loss to the player. Due to this we always instruct our visitors to know their betting laws.

Play smart, have fun, but remember there is usually only one winner in the gambling business. Sports and poker can be beaten with proper strategy, but the house always wins in the casino! Please use this site for entertainment purposes solely, those who decide to bet should do so at their own decisions.

Updated January 1, 2017