Winning Betting Strategies for Craps

The game of craps initially seems complicated to someone that’s not familiar with the rules. Many players will just place bets anywhere and hope that they’ll get lucky. However, there are some simple betting strategies for craps that will lower the house edge over you a great deal. Knowing where to bet and how to improve those bets for even better odds are the only rules a player has to follow if they want to win at craps.

Not all craps bets are created equal. Some bets that are marked on the table will carry a bigger edge for the house than others. If you bet on any seven you will be giving away a 16.7% edge to the house. The percentages go down from there. A mid-range bet like Big 6 or Big 8 gives away 5.6% to the house. The best bets, and the ones you should be concentrating on, are the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets.

These bets give near-to-even odds and only give away 1.4% to the house. Now that you know that the best betting strategies for craps only involve these four bets, the game will quickly become easy to play. The next step is to try and improve these bets once the Come Out roll has been rolled. The way to do that is by placing odds bets on your initial bets when the opportunity presents itself to increase your chances at winning.

Craps Odds Bets

Odds bets are an opportunity to lower the house edge even more when played properly. The thing about odds bets is that the house carries no edge on them, so the more odds bet action you can get the better. These bets are so good for the player that the casino doesn’t even have a spot on the table for them, and would rather that you didn’t know about them at all. They are made by putting the bet next to the initial bet on the board.

There are two kinds of odds bets, and which one you play depends on how you bet initially. If you played “right” (bet on Pass) then the odds bet you will make on that initial bet will be Buying Odds. If your initial bet was played “wrong” (a bet on Don’t Pass) then the odds bet you make will be Laying Odds. Most casinos will only allow you to make an odds bet of equal value to your initial bet, but many online casinos will allow for a double-size odds bet (twice your initial bet).

The odds bets will lower the house edge, and if you find a game online that allows double odds bets you can lower the house edge over you down from 1.4% to 0.6%. It makes sense to place the biggest odds bet allowable by the game because the bigger the bet the lower the house edge against you.

Understand Fraction Losses in Craps

And one can’t discuss betting strategies for craps without mentioning fraction losses. This is free money that most players give to the house because they don’t realize that the casino will round down any amounts less than a dollar. When you lay odds of 3-2 or 6-5 and win the bet, the payout will be rounded down to the nearest dollar and the change goes to the house. Giving free money to the house is no way to win at craps, so a simple adjustment can be made to eliminate this issue.

When making your wrong bets, bet in amounts that are divisible by 3. Instead of betting $5 initially bet $6, and then when you are Laying Double Odds it can be a bet of $12. That way you get everything that’s coming to you because your winnings can be divided properly. When Buying Odds you want your bets to be in multiples of $5 and your Double Odds in multiples of $10 because your divisions are going to be by 1, 2, and 5.

This is the best mathematical way to win at craps but it doesn’t mean that you will win every time. It’s still a game of chance, but with these betting strategies for craps you will have a better chance to win and make a profit than most.