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June 5th, 2014 By: Ron
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Last Updated: October 7th, 2015 by Joseph

Editor Note (October): 2015 State of the Industry

October Notes: Processing has remained strong at the majority of online casinos in the past month. Payment processing speeds as a whole stayed the same for much of 2014 and we’ve had much of the same for 2015. That’s been a good thing considering the hiccups in the US-facing industry for the past few years.

Casino players still suffer from slow check withdrawals (though the gap is closing in some spots) when compared to sports or poker processors. It remains a mystery why an operator in poker (with an attached sportsbook and casino) – with thousands more customers can process a check within a week – but most casinos can’t.

The clear theory on these sluggish processing speeds is that operators still play by the industry standard ‘slow pay’ so that funds will stay in accounts. This isn’t a charge of every US-facing online casino, but is no doubt how some operators run their business.

This continues to leads customers away from stand-alone online casinos and into sportsbooks or poker rooms that INCLUDE a casino – because they pay much faster (usually a week, tops).

Slow speeds are one thing, but we do want to stress that the casinos on our list always pay their players. Of course, withdrawal speeds and methods vary depending on the casino, hence the need for our report. However, all of our monitored casinos are highly rated in the industry and solid options.

As we mentioned above, casino players will always suffer from slower withdrawals compared to sportsbook and poker players, but they still have plenty of deposit and withdrawal options. The offshore online casino market in the US is still extremely viable and offers much better bonuses and odds than land based properties.

Each month, we’ve take a look at five (5) of what we – and the majority of gamblers – consider the top “US friendly facing” online casinos in current time and bring you our new monthly “Casino Withdraw Column” (with addition to sports and poker times) for those concerned about withdraw times and fees.

We get our information from talking to other players we’ve met on chat boards (casinomeister, affiliateguarddog, steakgaming, etc.) as well as our managing contacts with these operators internal team. The casinos examined are Club World Casino, Silver Oak Casino, High Noon and Lucky Red Casinos.

Please see editor notes in the future for the state of the industry processing system timeframes. We hope our reports help you track your payment!

Lucky Red Casino

Withdrawal Times
Checks: 14 – 18 days
Bank Wire: 11 – 13 days
Cash Transfer: 12 – 14 days

Checks: Customers that make requests for withdrawals under $750 are charged a processing fee of $25.
Bank Wire: The casino does not charge any processing fee for bank wire transfers. The minimum withdrawal limit is $300.
Cash Transfers: A processing fee of $40 is applied on all cash transfer requests.
Credit Card Payout: $50 processing fee and min $50 per request, but has a max of $5,000.

October Editor’s Update: Lucky Red Casino is flagship brand of the Club World Casino Group. Like the rest of Club World’s entities, they offer elite speeds in terms of withdrawals. They’re easily the market leader and the best option for players in the US market.

Club World Casinos

Announcement: Please note that Club World Casino does not do processing on the weekends.

Withdrawal Times
Checks: 9 – 11 working days (30 days by courier for US players)
Bank Wire: 6 – 8 days
Cash Transfer: 5 – 7 days
Credit Card Payout: 5 – 7 days

Checks: Club World Casino charges a processing fee of $25 for amounts less than $750
Bank Wire: There is no withdrawal fee for bank wire although the minimum withdrawal amount is $300.
Cash Transfer: The casino charges a $40 processing fee for cash transfers with a minimum withdrawal limit of $350.
Credit Card Payout: $50 processing fee and min $50 per request, but has a max of $5,000.

October Editor’s Update: Club World is one of the best options, (if not the best) for US customers. They offer a ton of different withdrawal methods and have excellent support. Their payouts almost always fit their advertised timeframes.

WinPalace Casino


October Editor’s Update: WinPalace shut their doors about a month ago and took players’ bankrolls with them. They had been one of our worst rated casinos for quite a long time, and we hope that our reports helped players steer clear of this now defunct scam outfit.

Silver Oak Casino

Withdrawal Times
Checks: 28 – 40 days with a minimum withdrawal limit of $100 and maximum of $2500 per week. The average waiting period this month has been around 28 days.
Bank Wire: 10 – 14 days
Cash Transfer: 7 – 10 days. The maximum withdrawal limit by cash transfer is $2,000.

Checks: The casino charges a processing fee of up to $40 depending on the amount. The maximum withdrawal limit permissible is $2,500.
Bank Wire: The processing fee varies according to the bank, which seems to vary from $20 to $40.
Cash Transfer: Silver Oak Casino charges a processing fee of around $40 for cash transfers of up to $2,000.

October Editor’s Update: Silver Oak’s cashout speeds and support is not their strong area, but they do pay players. It may just take awhile. Their staff has been one of the better teams in the online casino industry aside from slow payouts.

High Noon Casino

Withdrawal Times
Checks: 11 – 22 days
Bank Wire: 7 – 10 days
Cash Transfer: High Noon does not offer cash transfers.

Checks: High Noon Casino charges a processing fee of $25 for withdrawals up to $750. The maximum withdrawal limit per week is $5,001.
Bank Wire: Withdrawals requested by bank wire attract a processing fee of $40 with a minimum withdrawal limit of $300.
Cash Transfer: N/A

October Editor’s Update: High Noon has turned into an excellent option for US players over the past few years. They’re meeting their timeframes for the above methods and do an excellent job with support.

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Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
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