Professional Punters and Customer Betonline Review

Betonline is a Panama-based online betting company that has made considerable strides in recent years and now is one of the biggest of the North America-facing operators. Having the killer name that says it all does not hurt, either. For more on the history and owners of look here.

The people behind Betonline have been servicing punters from around the world for more than 15 years and Panama City, the beautiful Central American capital out of which Betonline operates, is one of the region’s major financial centres.

Betonline has built its reputation on excellent promotions and excellent content, delivered by a reliable if rather unspectacular website featuring a fair product range.

Lifetime bonus guarantee

On any visit to Betonline’s website one will be hit straight between the eyes by one or more of its promotions. Betonline prides itself on being of the online betting bonus leaders and, if one is looking to open an account, its lifetime bonus guarantee is sure to capture one’s attention.

Betonline believes that punters should receive a bonus on every deposit that they make, not just their first one. So Betonline gives up to 25 per cent in free-play bonuses on every qualified deposit. The terms and conditions attached to Betonline’s lifetime bonus guarantee are, understandably, tough, with a six times rollover requirement. However, there is a potential bonus of 1,000 American dollars per deposit so long-term Betonline clients could be very well rewarded.

They currently are accepting American Express. In order to use your Amex card for depositing you must have at least $250 in your account, and have previously deposited at least five times using other methods they provide. It’s not the most convenient option to use, but for the serious players it’s well worth the initial headache in order to be allowed to use Amex for the long-term.

BetOnline has also recently started accepting Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal option. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount allowed is $20 and the maximum is $2,000. Most Bitcoin withdraws are being processed in 24 hours.

Superb Betting Edge articles

Many online bookmakers are supplying free sports betting editorial content to their clients via their websites these days but few companies are doing it better than Betonline.

Betonline has a full-time team of sports betting writers generating articles for the Betting Edge section of its website. There is archived content dating back to May 2008 and every one of the major sports gets coverage, albeit with American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey receiving most of the attention. Lots of sports betting content panders to the lowest common denominator but Betonline’s Betting Edge has something for everyone, including punters for whom betting is a serious game.

It is a crying shame that the Twitter account associated with Betonline’s Betting Edge has fewer than 2,000 followers. It should have 10 times that amount. No self-respecting punter should bet before visiting it, particularly if North American sports are one’s thing.

Website could be more intuitive

Visually, Betonline’s website does not have the wow factor associated with some of its direct competitors but it is functional and, as mentioned above, it contains a lot of interesting, informative and free sports betting stories.

The process by which one places a bet on Betonline’s website is slightly different to most of the systems elsewhere. It is not as intuitive as it could be and, although there are instructional videos, one really should not need to watch anything in order to bet. It should be that obvious.

High limits across average range

Betonline is not going to win any awards for the breadth of its sports betting offering but it covers most of the bases sufficiently well, at least for the recreational punters who love its excellent promotions and excellent content.

In Betonline’s favour is that their betting limits are, on average, higher than many of the online bookmakers in the same market and that is something that plays well with punters of all sizes. Relatively high limits mean that markets do not change from one second to the next and, of course, punters who want to bet large amounts can get set.

Live betting still needs work

Betonline relaunched its live betting software in September 2012 but, despite the claims of its personnel who put it on a par with the systems of the leading Europe-facing online bookmakers, it still has some way to go to be a match.

Sure, it works but betting in the run with Betonline is not as smooth as it is with Bet365, the United Kingdom-based bookmaker rated by many as the leader in the field.


Betonline has come a long way in a short period of time and now can justifiably claim to be one of the big names in the North America-facing market. And it deserves to be one of them because it has built its good reputation from the ground up, attracting many thousands of clients with excellent promotions and excellent content.

There is no harm in having as many online betting accounts as possible and, therefore, one should consider signing up with Betonline if one has not done so already. But one feels that the type of punter best suited to Betonline is one who will use it as their only shop – thereby, maximising the likelihood of receiving bonuses as part of the lifetime guarantee – and enjoy reading the Betting Edge articles.


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