Bet Only What You Can Afford to Lose

May 15th, 2014 By: Ron
Posted in:  Tips

Playing inside a casino can be very exhilarating. There are numerous games you can choose from and enjoy. Inside a casino, everyone has just one thing in mind, winning. Whether they are sitting at the roulette table, the poker table or at the slot machines, they all share the same hopes and dreams, to win the big jackpot or bring home more money than they walked in with. But what are the odds that you’re going to walk out a winner?

Depending on your level of skill, gambling can really be a game of chance (all chance in casino games – not so much in sports or poker betting), however there is obviously a way to make the chance work more in your favor if you first familiarize yourself with the game you choose to sit in on. Take for example a game like poker. You can’t just sit in and start betting without learning the terms, such as the big blind, button, buy in, center pot, drop dead, flesh, leak, muck and so on. There are many terms that you’ll need to know before you start asking the dealer to give you your cards. Roulette is the same way as is any game of chance; learn the basics before you start betting money on it. Long term you will lose big time in any casino game, especially roulette.

The Golden Rule
Whatever casino game you choose, always follow this golden rule to make sure that you never leave the casino in utter despair and in a financial hole you can’t get out of. Only gamble money you can afford to lose.

If all of the money that you have is intended for something important like your food, car payment or electric bills, do not gamble it, ever. Better yet, do not step inside a casino so as not to be tempted to risk money that you can’t afford to lose. If you do have disposable income and the money to spend, only risk half of it, that way you will have a chance to try your luck another day.

Nobody Wins ALL the Time
There is no person on the face of the planet who has gambled and won all the time. Losing is a part of the game and you must be ready to accept this fact. When you lose, you may get angry and start acting irrationally, placing irregular bets that are sub-optimal, called ‘stuck’ betting. This way of thinking will only do you more harm than good. Always conserve money and never spend it all in one session, as you’ll be giving yourself a chance to return yet again to see if lady luck is on your side this time around.

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