Bet on Basketball Props

Proposition betting, also known as prop bets, allow you to wager on specific occurrences in a game. They are alternative types of bets that give players a possibility to wager on something besides regular money lines and spreads. Prop bets are especially popular in big games like NCAA finals or NBA playoffs or between some famous basketball rivalries. There is almost no limit to the number of prop bets a basketball betting site can come up with. It really depends on the imagination of the basketball bookmakers.

Examples of Prop Bets:

  • What will be the goal percentage for Team A against Team B be in the series?
  • What will be the game spread in this series?
  • Which player is going to get the first 2 points?
  • How many dunks will be there in this match?
  • Will LeBron James block Shaquille O’Neal’s dunks in this match?
  • Will Kobe Bryant get over 30 points this game?
  • How many 3-pointers will be thrown?

*Proposition bets can be displayed and portrayed in many ways. They can involve money lines, over/under, and spreads. We will give examples of some of them.

Over/Under Prop Bets:
Total number of games in a series between Miami Heat versus Boston Celtics.

– Over (-200)
– Under (+150)

So, if you are betting $100 that there will be more than 4 games in a series, then you could get a total of $150 ($50 won plus $100 bet). If you are betting $100 that there will be exactly 4 or less games in this series, then you could win a total of $250 ($150 won plus $100 bet). In this case, a sportsbook predicts that it is much more likely that there will be more than 4 games in a series.

Money Line Prop Bets:
Where will the series between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics be decided?

  • American Airlines Arena, Miami (-155)
  • TD Garden, Boston (+125)

If you bet $100 that the game will be decided in Miami, you could win a total of $164.52 ($100 bet plus $64.52 won). If you bet $100 that the game will be decided in Boston, you could win a total of $225 ($100 bet plus $125 won). Again, based on the (-) sign, we can tell that the sportsbook gives a preference to Miami.

Basketball Proposition Betting Tips and Strategies

There are dozens if not hundreds of sportsbooks out there. You should research some of the odds from various sportsbooks. Books that specialize in basketball will have the biggest variety of proposition bets. Books that do not specialize in basketball will usually get their odds from them and will add an extra point or two to the odds; thus, you will likely get more interesting and less expensive rates on sportsbooks specialized in basketball. Moreover, sportsbooks specializing in basketball, or at least the four big sports, will also include many articles about various games and players. The more information you know about the teams and its players, the more likely you are to make an educated proposition bet.

Be Wary Of Easy Prop Bets

A common proposition betting tip is to be careful of bets that look too easy to be true. Do not be mistaken, sportsbooks analyze their lines very carefully and will not give out a line for easy pickings. Chances are if they are giving you something that is too good to be true, then it is, and they probably know something that you do not. For example, a memorable “easy” bet was when a sportsbook presented a prop bet on who will get more points, Charles Barkley or Howard Eisley. Barkley was a far better scorer at the time so over 95% of people chose him. However, to their surprise, Eisley got more points that day. Apparently, the sportsbook was onto something and it caught a lot of people off guard (or maybe it was just luck, anyway, be wary).