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This page was written to serve as a complete basketball betting reference guide to help you win more often on the wagers you place. Below you will find informational and strategy articles on a variety of topics; anything from beginner articles like how money lines or point spreads work, to intermediate subjects covering how parlays are calculated in NBA, to more advanced topics like the true statistics of having home court advantage or the significance referees play in the outcomes of NBA games.

At the bottom of this page you will find the most up-to-date NBA betting lines and odds for the current upcoming games, as well as the latest betting trends for each game. These lines, odds, and trends come from the most trusted sportsbooks on the internet which include Bovada, BetOnline, BookMaker, TopBet, 5Dimes, and BetDSI.

Articles: Wagering Tips, Different Types of Bets, Strategies, and More

Whether you are a beginning or more savvy basketball bettor, the articles below are intended to provide you knowledgeable information to help you make smarter, bigger, and more profitable bets on the wagers you place. Several of the articles have useful illustrations to help you understand the information provided and to simplify the betting examples provided for the different types bets.

Top 4 Tips

This article lists four important tips and strategies to look for to help you win.

Common NBA Bets

Learn about the different types of basketball wagers you can place.

How Money Lines Work

The most popular bet wagered in basketball games, learn all you need to know.

NBA Spread Bets

An in-depth guide on how point spreads work including easy to understand examples.

How to Bet Over/Under

The second most common wager placed in basketball, tips and strategies included.

Parlay Strategy

Understand how parlays work, how they are calculated, and the high risk/reward involved.

Refs Changing Outcomes

Learn about the impact referees have on NBA games and how to manage them.

Home Court Advantage

Detailed statistics on the true advantage of playing on home court.

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3 Important Pieces of Information to Know Before Wagering on Basketball

  • 1. Bench Players

    • Far too many bettors make the mistake of focusing strictly on the superstars or starting five when handicapping a game and placing wagers online. Obviously these players will have the biggest impact on the game, but the play of players off the bench is quite often the difference between winning and losing. Bettors don’t need to know everything about every player, but knowing the basics will keep you from being surprised when the star player takes a seat and a bench player jogs on to the court. Is he a defensive specialist? A 3-point shooter? How effective is he in his role?
    • Watching bench players give up a big lead can be infuriating to bettors, but it should be accounted for in the handicapping process if the bettor is including the bench in their handicapping process. Great value can often be found on teams with deep benches going up against teams with a superstar or two; bettors that don’t do their homework may be surprised, but you shouldn’t be.
  • 2. Coaching Strategies

    • It is also important to consider coaching tendencies. Some coaches rely heavily on bench players and give regular breaks to starters at certain points of the game, while others ride their starters as long as they can and only use their bench when a starter gets into foul trouble. Most coaches are stubborn in their ways, and tendencies are easy to spot.
  • 3. Home Court Advantage

    • The other major factor to always keep in mind in online basketball betting is the tremendous home court advantage. NBA home teams have a higher winning percentage (about 59%) than those in the MLB, NFL, and NHL, and home court can have an even bigger effect in emotionally-driven college basketball.
    • With fan proximity in basketball closer than any other sport, it is commonplace to see the road team get overwhelmed by a revved-up crowd. For this reason, point spreads are often skewed considerably against the road team. Finding teams that play particularly well on the road (or poorly at home), especially early in the season before bookmakers make the adjustments, can be very profitable.

NBA Lowest Line Sportsbook Reports – Live

There are several sportsbooks on the web that are shady and they come and go like clock-work. I can spot them with our 10+ year trained eye, by doing a lot of research you will find what I reflect on this page. This is where most reputable sportsbooks in the business are located with full NBA lines, props, etc; Bovada, BetOnline, BookMaker, TopBet, 5Dimes, and BetDSI. With six different sportsbooks listed below, you can now choose the sportsbook with the lowest odds (Factually backed up data). Here you will find the most current betting lines and odds, as well as the hottest betting trends.

Please note: Our new system now reflects ‘lowest line sportsbooks’. The number located on the sportsbook logo now tracks the amount of times each sportsbook has had the lowest line for an NBA game. Each of the navigational tabs reflect each league.

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