The Basic “Must Know” Strategy of Betting Cricket


Cricket Betting Strategy

Having studied the various forms of the game and also the wide range of betting markets being offered for cricket, what is the best way to go about betting and making a profit on cricket?

Firstly, it’s vital to get to know the rules of the game and how they can change the result of a bet. For example, a draw could be a possibility in the match being played, yet has not been taken in to consideration when placing the bet and as a result of the match being drawn, the bet has become void and you lose. Always check the regulations of the bookmaker regarding specific outcomes of a match, such as bad weather reducing the total overs bowled. I suggest studying the history as well.

The internet is full of useful information and more importantly, cricket statistics. These statistics are freely available and cricket is one of the widest users of statistics of any sport in the world. It is worth taking the time to study the information available for the teams involved and to try and gain an advantage over the bookmaker wherever possible. As mentioned above, things like weather can have a big part to play in cricket, study how the weather can change at the different venues and how this has affected matches being played there in the past.

Betting on Specific Players
When considering a bet on a specific player, such as batsman, study their general form and previous scores against the team he/she is playing against and also at the ground which is hosting the match. It is not uncommon for a player to have a favourite venue, where they perform consistently well.

Live betting, as previously discussed, can add great excitement to any cricket match and if you look at most people in a football stadium they aren’t checking their facebook status when they’re on the phone, they’re betting live, on their phone. But it is wise to stay clear of some of the markets being offered, such as “method of dismissal” or “runs from next delivery”. This is because, other than in very exceptional circumstances when a trend has developed during the course of an innings, these bets are very difficult to predict and there is no data available on which to base them.

Find the Best Line or Don’t Bet
Furthermore, have a price in mind regarding a specific outcome during a cricket match before placing a bet and take the time to search online for odds that are reflective of this. A betting exchange such as Bet365 can be a good place to find a good price for a bet, before looking elsewhere to see if these odds can be beaten. Websites such as Oddschecker can prove valuable when comparing odds on a particular market. If you’re in a country where there are few online sportsbooks, such as India or Asian territories then Bet365 is going to be your main option.

KEY TIP:light One tip that is key when in doubt about what bet to place…always follow form. In cricket, home teams generally do well and if they do not, the signs are usually there that this is going to happen. Again, study the wealth of statistics that are available, they are there to help and the time taken to study them will be worth it.

An Online Bookmaker Specifically for Cricket

With so many online bookmakers out there, it’s unsurprising that it can be very difficult to choose which to use when placing that all important cricket bet. It goes without saying that each and every person placing a bet on cricket wants to get the best price possible. Websites, such as ours, offer a service whereby it is possible to compare the odds of many bookmakers in one place, we don’t cover cricket at this time but it is coming. This can take the time and strain out of searching many different bookmakers in the hope of finding better odds.

Having said that, opening up accounts at a variety of bookmakers can be far from ideal and many people prefer to stick with one for ease of use and to save time. In this instance, there are three bookmakers out there who offer the best service for betting on cricket. The best of the two is PaddyPower, who not only offer the largest selection of betting markets and great money back specials on cricket events great but also a live streaming service, showing live cricket matches from around the world. These three things come together to make PaddyPower the leading bookmaker for cricket betting enthusiasts.

There are two other notable exceptions to PaddyPower and they are BetVictor, who offer special bets for a variety of big cricket matches that other bookmakers do not and also Bet365, who offer a larger sign up bonus than PaddyPower.

The three above mentioned bookmakers will cover the majority of markets and by simply browsing their website and selecting a match, it will become apparent that all of the cricket betting markets are covered. However, this should not deter anyone from having a look at other bookmakers, such as William Hill, Totesport, Coral and Stan James. Every online bookmakers is becoming more innovative with their markets and it is always possible to find new and entertaining ways to be bet on cricket matches.

Final Word

final_wordCricket is easily one of the most prominent sports in the world today, just not in America. With many new countries taking up the game and starting to compete against the well known nations, cricket is only becoming more popular as time goes by. To keep up with this, online bookmakers are offering new and exciting ways to bet on cricket and creating new technology with which to do this. From the very first bet, placed back in the 1600’s to the live in-play betting available on the internet today, cricket and betting have gone hand-in-hand for centuries.

In the modern era, there are so many statistical websites and books available, that no one should be making a cricket bet without any background knowledge or idea as to why they are placing it. Even the online bookmakers themselves are offering statistical sections, meaning there is no excuse when it comes to betting without having conducted any research first.

The vast array of cricket betting markets available can be daunting initially, especially for those who are still learning about the game but with a willingness to study and use the statistics available, it is possible to make a profit when betting on cricket.

Author: Joseph Falchetti
Copyright: 2015