Baseball Propositions

Proposition bets are commonly referred to as prop bets. A prop bet is a very specific wager which involves placing a bet on a particular occurrence, such as the New York Yankees getting a home run in the second inning or a hitter getting three strikes in the third inning. Prop bets are available in most professional sports but are especially popular and available in baseball as there is almost no limit on the amount of these baseball bet types for the national past time of America.

Two types of prop bets are very popular in baseball, long term and short term. Some examples of long-term baseball proposition bets:

– “What player will hit the most home runs all season?”
– “What hitting rate will Phillies get in the whole series?”

Some example of short-term prop bets:

– “How many bases will the Yankees take over Red Sox in a third inning?”
– “Will Ichiro get a hit?”

Also, often you will see prop bets putting two players against each other. An example of such a prop bet is:

– “Will Ichiro get more bases than Adam Dunn?”

The odds can be presented in various ways, the most popular of which are money lines and over/unders.

Money line prop bet example:
Which team will get a first run in a game?
– Boston Red Sox (+120)
– New York Yankees (-140)

This way, if you are betting that the Red Sox will get a first run in a game, you can put $100 and win $120. Or, if you think that the Yankees will get a first run, then you need to put $140 to win $100.

Over/Under proposition example:
Total runs scored within the first 4 innings.
– Over (+130)
– Under (-110)

This way if you are betting that there will be more than 2 runs within the first 4 innings, then you can bet $100 and win $130. If you are betting that there will be 2 or less runs within the first 4 innings, then you should bet $110 to win $100. The .5 is there to prevent a possibility of a “push”, where the sportsbook has to return the wagers to the bettors. Sometimes the .5 is included by online betting sites and sometimes not.

Baseball Proposition Tips and Strategies

The best baseball proposition betting tip and strategy is to do your research. Online sportsbooks usually create and put up their own baseball proposition bets. For that reason, a lot of prop bets will be different on different sites. You should explore different prop bets and find the best and most profitable odds. Make sure you read-up on the players’ status, injuries, replacements, and so forwards.

Baseball proposition betting offers a fun and an alternative form of betting. If you are looking to place some interesting and exciting wagers, prop bets might be something to explore. These bets might also be useful if you want to make many wagers on a big game, in a way, “diversifying” your wagers by having different types of online bets on the same game. So go to our recommended list of sportsbooks, which have great service, security, and a good selection of prop bets available.