Examples of Parlays in Baseball

If you want to take big risks and get big returns on your bets, then online baseball parlay betting is what you are looking for. Baseball parlay betting is selecting multiple teams to win. Parlay bet is usually considered a “sucker bet” since the odds are fixed and are usually lower than they should actually be. This especially applies to football and basketball where the odds are basically standard and fixed. In those two sports, a two-team parlay pays a fixed ratio of about 2.5 to 1; three-team pays about 6-1, and so on. In this sports it’s different because there are different baseball money lines on different games.

* Please see illustration below to help understand parlay bets, text explanation follows.

Parlay Baseball

The best way to show how baseball parlay bets are calculated is to use an example. You want to bet on two different games:

  • Boston Red Sox (+120) vs
  • New York Yankees (-200)

– And –

  • Mets (+140) vs
  • Phillies (-140)

Let’s say you are betting that Yankees and Mets will win in their respective matches. For you to win this parlay, both teams must win. If either Boston or Phillies win (or both), then you will lose the bet. So, let’s say that you are betting $200 on this parlay. If Yankees win, $200 becomes $300 in total ($200 bet + $100 won). Then, if the Mets win, that $300 becomes $720 ($300 bet + $420 won). This way a bet of $200 will win you $520 total ($750-$200)! It’s very unlikely to get this type of a return on other types of bets. On the other hand though, if either Boston or Phillies win (or both) then you will get $0.

If you were to bet on more teams increasing your parley to 3 or 4 or 5 or even more teams, then you could get even larger returns. However, be careful as the risk of losing the bet increases with bigger parlays.

Baseball Parlay Gambling Strategies

When it comes to calculating the amount that you can win from your parlay, you don’t always have to do the math if you don’t want to. An online betting sportsbook will usually show the total amount that you can win once you type in your desired bet amount. There are also many free online baseball parlay-betting calculators that can help you do the math.

Some baseball bookmakers out there might recommend you not to bet on any parlays as they are considered “sucker bets”. That is, as we mentioned above, they are usually fixed odds. However, that is not really the case with baseball as it is one of the few sports where, if you know what you are doing, you can actually make some good money on parlay betting. This is because, from a mathematical standpoint, the odds shouldn’t be disadvantageous or advantageous for you. So, if you follow baseball and do your research of the teams, then parlays could be something to consider.

Sometimes it makes sense to bet on baseball parlays when you want to make a small bet and simply do not have enough money for multiple bets. If you do get lucky, that small bet could increase significantly. However, if you are not on a budget then it might be a good idea to bet on multiple money lines rather than baseball parlays. You might actually have better odds to win, as you will be taking on less risks. That is, if you lose a few of your bets but win the majority of them then you can make a profit.

Another baseball parlay betting strategy we can give you is to not bet on too many parlays. Statistically it gets increasingly less likely that you will win the more parlays you bet on. Some bettors prefer to stick to 3 to 4 team parlays and to not go over 5 team parlays as the chances of winning those are usually slim.