Articles and Line Comparisons to Beat “The Most Profitable Game”

This page serves as a guide to the necessary basic strategies when betting baseball. Below you will find basic, in-depth and easy to understand articles with illustrations. As well as the latest lines and betting odds so that you can compare odds side-by-side or “line shopping”. According to our research and many don’t know this but MLB is the most profitable sport to bet on.

Whether you’re looking for basic information such as how to read money lines or understanding over/unders, or more advanced information such as learning the significance or WAR, Wins Above Replacement, which is the most comprehensive way to quantify the productivity of each player, you will find it in the articles below. Following the articles you will find the current odds, betting trends, line comparisons, and more from Bovada, BetOnline, BookMaker, TopBet, 5Dimes, and BetDSI; the most reputable sportsbooks in the business today according to our Trademark “Real Rank”.

Different Types of Bets, Wagering Tips & Strategies, and More

Here you will find in-depth and insightful articles to help you understand all aspects of baseball betting. The goal of these articles is to enhance your knowledge and help you become more profitable in the bets you place. Whether you are a beginner or advanced bettor, you will find useful information in the articles below.

MLB Bet Types

Learn all about the popular types of baseball wagers you can place including money lines, over/unders, and parlays.

Baseball Betting Tips

This article provides several different strategies and tips to look for to help you win including how to handicap batters and bullpens.

Understand MLB Lines

The most popular wager placed on baseball games, learn all you need to know about money lines.

MLB Over/Under Bets

An easy to follow and detailed example of how over/under bets work is provided, as well as a few helpful tips.

Baseball Parlays

Explains how parlays work, how to calculate them, the risk involved, and the potential high payouts.

MLB Run Lines

Learn how to read a run line which is a hybrid between a money line and a point spread bet.

Value of +1.5 Run Line

The value of the +1.5 run line is discussed in detail, including the frequency of one-run games.

How Props Work in MLB

Also known as “prop” bets, is a fun and exciting way to wager and is much different than your standard types of bets.

WAR Statistics

One of the most important statistics to look at to determine the productivity of each player, Wins Above Replacement.

Calculating Home Field Advantages

Find the true statistics of home field advantage, how important it really is, and how to use it in your favor.

Handicapping Umpires

Understand the importance of umpires and home field advantage when handicapping games.

Article Coming Soon

Information coming soon.

MLB Sportsbook Lines Guide (Live)

The six online sportsbooks listed below, Bovada, BetOnline, BookMaker, TopBet, 5Dimes, and BetDSI, are the cream of the crop and primarily accept international bets. They are the safest, most secure, and trusted sportsbooks on the internet today. We provide this easy to use chart below to compare your lines amongst each other. To the right you will see our MLB betting trends. This tells you who is being bet on. Unfortunately for MLB, this options is currently unavailable. To see line history simply click on the line and a chart will pop up. Also note, the betting calculator is functional to find your rate of return.

Live Betting Line Comparisons

Bet Calculator