Americas Cardroom “Beast” Jackpots

Editor Note: While this jackpot is not necessarily a ‘bad beat’ jackpot, it is still worthy of mentioning and a lot more attainable than most bad beats. Also the live running figure on the homepage of our site only consists of the cash tables and not tournament tables so the number shown will be slightly smaller than on ACR.

America’s Cardroom (ACR), the main segment and population of the Winning Poker Network, runs a weekly progressive event called The Beast. The US facing online poker site claims that this is “the world’s first progressive points race that redefined how players get rewarded”, and promises more rewards for all players sitting at practically any cash table. Most significantly, there are no extra jackpot fees when going for The Beast.

What The Beast Entails

The Beast is being promoted by America’s Cardroom as “One Beast. One Huge Jackpot. Once a Week.” This essentially sums up how The Beast works. The objective is to sit down at any cash table at the site and start playing.

Caveat Emptor: While America’s Cardroom says that every cash table competes for The Beast, reading the fine print will reveal that heads up tables don’t qualify for the promotion and only 6 max and 9 max tables qualify.

To their credit, this is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions of the promotion. Another thing to note: There are no specially marked Beast tables as there were in the past.

After sitting down at a qualifying cash table, you’ll start playing. Earn one point for every $0.02 fed to The Beast using the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology. The Beast has a progressive jackpot that grows with each hand played at the table.

America’s Cardroom has completely done away with jackpot fees. Instead of you being charged for an extra jackpot fee, a piece of the rake has been sliced off and put instead into cash and tournament leaderboard prize pools. So, instead of you paying, the cardroom is finally paying which helps poker room ecology by not emptying the players pockets by being raked to death for a potential pay off.

Two players at the table will see a $0.02 out of every $0.06 in the rake fed to the Beast up to $0.04. Three players at the table will see a maximum amount of $0.08 fed to the Beast, while four players or more contribute up to $0.024.

Weekly Leader Board Race

The Beast is a weekly leader board race, with each competition running from Saturday (00:00) to the next Friday (23:59). All times are in ET.

You can keep track of your play on the leader board (found on the Rewards tab under ‘Points Race’) at America’s Cardroom. Playing at the cash tables automatically rank you on the leader board, which is updated in real time.

The points are earned as you play, and the more points you earn, the higher you climb the leader board. America’s Cardroom calculates the payout structure for the cash race based on the size of the prize pool.   So, for example, if the prize pool reaches $50K, 200 players are paid out. When that pool grows bigger, the number of places also rises.

The site has also capped the first place prize at $20,000 so that as many players are possible get to capitalize on The Beast. Some players may be deterred by this, considering that rival sites are offering progressive jackpot prizes that are considerably bigger, but the way I see it, I’m not turning up my nose at a chance to win thousands, or even hundreds of dollars simply for doing what I’d do anyway at America’s Cardroom – playing top quality online poker cash games.

At the end of the weekly period, the site awards cash and prizes based on leader board positions.   Because of the popularity of The Beast, I find that the jackpot in this promotion grows very fast and you’re looking at major cash prizes totaling millions every year.

When I qualified for a cash prize after a week of play at cash tables at America’s Cardroom, I was paid out the following Monday at the close of the competition, with the money deposited into my account.

Winning Entry into Land Poker Tournaments

Besides the chance to win cash, there are also entries into special online satellite tournaments that can be won. Each weekly competition also includes a separate component which awards seats into satellite tourneys for top land based competitions such as the Latin Series of Poker.   The bigger the prize pool grows, the more seats are handed out.

Alternatively, the site gives away tickets into Guaranteed Tournaments at the site, which are played on the Sunday following the cash prize payout. You’ll receive one tournament entry based on the amount in the prize pool, as well as your overall placing on the leader board. The site will have you automatically registered in the specified tournament.

The Beast: Reading the Fine Print

Like every online poker tournament out there, it’s important to read the fine print, and familiarize yourself with the competition’s terms and conditions.   Here are a couple of pointers to take note of:

  • You are responsible for playing in the assigned online tournament won through the Tournament Race competition. If you don’t play, you’ll be deemed a ‘no show’ and you’ll have to forfeit the tournament entry prize.
  • America’s Cardroom takes 25% of the overall jackpot to reseed the next competition’s jackpot. This is consistent with measures taken at rival online poker rooms as well.
  • You can’t transfer the tournament entries won, and you can’t redeem them for cash.
  • You can’t earn points for participating in tournaments or Sit & Gos.
  • All the usual rules regarding cheating, colluding, etc. naturally apply.


The Beast is one of the reasons why the popularity of America’s Cardroom has picked up and it’s easy to see why. This is a great way to earn extra cash and entry into additional tournaments without much effort, and the prizes are a nice size. I like the fact that you are credited for what you actually contribute to the rake and from what I understand from poker pals, they’re playing more at American’s Cardroom now that there is potentially more value for your dollar. This of course means that the jackpot grows higher and faster. Win-win.

Author: Joseph Falchetti