Sports Betting with Amex Card

Currently, the only considerable sportsbooks that take American Express deposits are and their sister sportsbook, The stipulation is you must have a minimum of $250 in your account and have previously deposited at least five times using a different (any) method.

Managers constantly contact us regarding credit card processing but Amex is just not one anyone really wants to bother with due to its low percentage of users – risk being most Amex customers will bet big and probably in honestly, lose big. For the sportsbooks fraud protection against a card which has such higher potential of high limit fraud aside that of regular cards like Mastercard or Visa is why sportsbooks don’t take Amex aside from the complete hassle mentioned above.

The go-to deposit method, when betting online, is with a credit or debit card. The convenience and almost zero cost, almost always makes the method principally attractive. Nearly everyone in the county also has a major card of some kind.

While MasterCard and Visa dwarf American Express in market share, American Express is is a major credit and charge card company. The company still processes hundreds of millions of transactions a year in the United States. They account for about 24% of all credit card transactions in the country [A], but only a minor (less than 5%)  of deposits are made by Amex users at gambling sites.

Nearly every online sportsbook offers deposits via Visa, and some offer both MasterCard and Visa for deposits. A much smaller percentages offer American Express.

Depositing with American Express

Depositing in an online sportsbook using American Express is no different than using a debit or credit card. The process is also the same if you were buying a product or service at an e-commerce site.

Players will rarely be charged a fee when they deposit using their AMEX Card. Once the card is charged, the funds will immediately available in the account. Though offshore sportsbooks are unregulated, they still offer plenty of security for players. Their important details, like credit or debit card information, is secured and encrypted.

American Express offers travelers’ checks, credit cards, and charge cards, but do not offer debit cards. We generally recommend players use a debit card to deposit, due to the risk of cash advances that are sometimes charged to cards that are used for online gambling sites. In this case, players won’t have the debit card option.

Card Declined?

Due to UIGEA regulations being implemented in 2009, banks, and other credit card companies are required to stop online gambling transactions if possible [B]. For this reason, many transactions for online gambling sites may be denied when players try to use their AMEX card.

American Express is also pretty vigilante when it comes to protecting their users from fraud. More so than other credit or debit cards, transactions may need approval from their headquarters. Many users have gotten transactions blocked when they were on vacations a few states over, so it shouldn’t be a shock that your card may not work when it comes to online gambling.

Calling American Express and having the transactions approved manually is always an option if possible. Of course, since credit card companies can’t knowingly accept online gambling transactions, you’ll have to conceal the actual purpose of your call to their support.

Since online bookmakers use several different processors, bettors may have better luck if they try their card a few hours later. They can also try calling support, where representatives may have access to other processors.

AMEX Prepaid

American Express does offer prepaid cards like Visa and MasterCard. However, their success rate at online gambling sites is much lower. If you’re going the prepaid card route, we recommend prepaid Visa. These have a near 100% success rate at online gambling sites.

Withdrawals to AMEX?

Due to the fact that American Express is so rarely accepted by online sportsbooks and few online gambling sites in the US market process withdrawals back to credit cards – players won’t be able to receive withdrawals back to their AMEX cards.

American Express In The Current Market

Online gambling sites doesn’t widely accept American Express, and there is little chance that will change in the future. Bettors will have a substantially higher chance of their deposit being successful if they use a MasterCard or Visa, which are the preferred forms of deposit for most who bet online.

Author: Joseph Falchetti
Copyright: 2017

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