• Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    "I'm Amelia Talon, a model and gamer geek, most notably known as Playboy's Miss June 2012. I was born and raised in a small town in Washington state and pursuing further into gaming and fitness. "

  • True to Seattle or now an LA fan?

    "Always have and always will be a true Seattle fan, that's my home! Go Seahawks!!"

  • Favorite food and beach?

    "Sushi or anything Asian. Santa Monica, it has the pier and the nicest largest beach in the LA area that I've been to."

  • name You're a self proclaimed nudist. Any interesting stories?
  • name

    Sadly there isn't. I wish it were a more exciting and adventurous trait but I really just love to lounge in my house full on naked and that's pretty much it.

  • name In a gaming interview you mentioned you like to travel - favorite hot spot so far?
  • name

    So far I love the carribean. I've been to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic so far and have loved it. The only downside is that there are bugs as much as the rest of the tropical hot places in the world. You've been warned.

  • name You're known to be big into video gaming. Favorite sport game and are you a noob basher/trash talker or silent assasain.
  • name

    At the moment favorite sports game is Wii Sports, haha. I love the hands on type of feel to it. I love to chat with people and make friends, even if they are a total noob. So I talk, but it's never trash. In fact befriending noobs makes the game even more enjoyable, you're vicariously reliving the awesome 'awe' of the game the first time you played yourself. Sweet sweet memories.

  • name In your eyes, what is a perfect day for you?
  • name

    A nice long 9 hour satisfying sleep with a pleasant dream, wake up, workout and drink protein shake, make myself a nice bubblebath with a mimosa, go out for a walk and picnic by the beach on a nice warm sunny day, then go out with my date to eat awesome sushi, go home and play WoW without a long queue time to enter dungeons or have all my friends ready for a raid when I get on. Yep, perfect day.

  • name What is your favorite sport to watch?
  • name

    In all honesty I love esports, you know, videogames. If I do watch it, it has to be football. It's patriotically American and I just love big buff men tackling each other, nothing more manly than that. And it happens to be the only game I can understand and not be bored after 5 minutes, haha.

  • name If you have an idol outside of family, who is it?
  • name

    Only myself. It's not an ego thing, it's so that I know I am the best person I can be and someone that others could find to idolize and help themselves become a better them. I want to be my own inspiration to be better because I know we all have that self motivating energy within ourselves.

  • name What's on the horizon for Amelia these days?
  • name

    Currently in my free time I am uploading game play to my youtube channel, the current game is Dragon Warrior 3, one of my favorites. Career-wise I have teamed up with Beachbody, which is a wonderful company that has the notorious P90x and Insanity workout systems. So I'm doing what I've always been wanting to do, gaming and staying fit! This is my YouTube gaming channel, youtube.com/officialameliatalon

  • name Thanks Amelia for being our first Tasty Teaser and good luck with the gaming and fitness!
  • name

    You're welcome. :)


Amelia Talon

Amelia Talon
Sequim, WA
Favorite Song:
Chevelle - Safewaters, Puscifer - Rev 22:20, A Perfect Circle - The Hollow
Favorite Food:
Sushi or anything Asian
Favorite Beach:
Santa Monica
Drawing, walks, hikes, camping, 4 wheeling