What is An Affiliate? One Who Provides Transparency…

A person or website that refers advertising traffic to betting sites

They are the intermediary, the ‘information source’ as you will to provide players with a unique idea or concept to be able to successfully make the customer/player and the sportsbook happy, then and only then will they benefit.  Ever see that stupid movie called “Runner Runner” – well in the beginning he basically played our role (with a ton of Hollywood pump-up) as gambling affiliates.  All our visitors come to us by choice, not through advertisements.  This is an affiliate sponsored site, but we do not accept kickbacks for top positions and are very firm on this.

No ad revenues are collected from sports bettors located in the United States or commonwealths.  We do not link to using a website using any sort of affiliate code or paid advertising plan as you can see by scrolling over any link to an offshore sportsbook.  We are not associated with the promotion of illegal gambling nor do we knowingly profit from US customers on this site.

Lets begin…
If you landed on this page wondering what an affiliate actually does.  Well then read paragraph #1.  We will now show our customers exactly how we get paid, in order to provide transparency.

The marketing arm of the gaming site decides to offer us a certain dollar amount, generally $1,000 up to $50,000 or more depending on the amount of legitimate traffic they receive from us per month.  This can be decided in three different ways.

Payment option one – Our more appreciative partners will pay us $250 for every referred customer who makes a deposit with no limit on how many customers. They may also decide to simply pay us a flat fee each month, say $5,000 to run an ad campaign.

Payment option two – We are offered a 45% share of revenue generated at the betting site.  Due to legal restrictions we only accept this option for players in legal territories such as the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

In places such as the UK, a revenue share model is acquired for a lower, 35% share of revenue for sports punters.  They pay lower in the UK because the gambling sites do so much of their own advertising on TV and media. UK punters are known as also known to be ‘sharps‘, on the other hand, bettors in the U.S. the bookies see as ‘easy money’.

Payment option three (by scammers) – You tell me how great your gambling site is, offer a prepaid payment of $5k as ‘good faith’ and say “You’re under new management”.  I then take your money, buy friends dinner and never answer your emails! This is an example of one I just got today.


How an active backend looks

whats an affiliate

This is what your typical affiliate backend shown above will look like at any give time during the day. This is not ours, it is a sample we requested from an ex-affiliate supposedly who was located in Sweden. Because of US law we do not advertise or accept revenues for US sports players. Instead we are a click-through service for poker, casino and fantasy games predominantly outside of the U.S.A. Note how you can see how much money was wagered (handle), gross revenue and the revenue they net. This affiliate will continue to earn revenues on the games their customers played because he is on revenue share. Players generally have a lifespan of 3-6 years.

affiliates earnings-1

This is a perfect example of how a proper sportsbook should work. Notice how there are no large increases or decreases in this affiliates revenue at the gambling site from day to day. A well run site will only take their “fee”, referred to as “rake” -poker, “house edge” -casino, or for sports betting the “vig”. It is simply one man playing against another man to be the best – such as in golf, basketball, or any other ‘competition for prize money’. Not so much for casino games but somehow (ahem) only sports betting is illegal under Federal law despite Fantasy betting being legal, and exactly the same concept! A game of skill that is considered ‘illegal’ has no right in our laws, and would be rewritten if it weren’t for politics at play. Thus the reason most ignore it.

Top promoters make from what I hear $1m-$35m per annum. “Company” affiliates, the elite ones that work all day with no fun and stare at computers for 15hrs a day with a strong business sense and determination generate revenues in the $180m gross range per year, $35m+ net. This is pretty common facts within the industry, I can not comment on it’s accuracy but feel it’s about right. A small majority make a few million and even fewer are making 9 figures. It’s a small group of people whom gambling affiliate programs actually benefit from due to difficult business knowledge and optimization tactics it takes to run a website successfully, usually dependent on google rankings and credibility in our articles.

Now that you know what affiliates are, and how this site operates for you I think you will understand why we created the first real rank for sportsbooks instead of having to take someone’s word for it for a top placement. For those affiliates out there, I recommend Betting Partners as the top affiliate program. They pay extremely fair to large and small-upcoming affiliates and keep the customers happy – which increases your net. An average joe player at Bodog is worth approximately $985 after 3 years before you, the affiliates cut. Do the math, I’m not getting paid to say that.

Disclaimer: We do not accept revenue share for sports betting partners any longer. All revenues on this site are derived from flat based ads from legal based entities only.  Any mention of offshore sites (ie:  Bovada, 5dimes, Betonline) have no affiliate code or payment for said mentioning when referring to sports.

Updated January 1, 2017