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We have freelance staff located in the US, India, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel and Canada. They have helped in the creation of this website. Our talented writers include Jim Griffin, Joseph Falchetti, Jonathan Wanchalk, Sebastian Loazia and a ghost writer among our expert designers and coders!

Our team of freelance gambling specialists have accumulated large knowledge of betting strategies and the insights of online sportsbooks (I estimate a combined 38 years in authorship between us four – 2 have current running ‘professional bettor’ staus). With the accumulation of this knowledge we hope to have provided you with a useful and free guide to online betting.

The owner of this website (me) believes in ethical standards and will aid in player monetary disputes with an advertised betting site upon the unlikely event. The gambling site must be Real Rank rated top (10) or better at the time of depositing for a higher priority of resolution. Thousands of people visit this site but nobody ever contacts us, let us know your thoughts – we listen!

Please email us with any questions you may have. No solicitations or advertisements please. We are not a gambling firm with live wagers on this site and only sponsored gambling firms distribute transactions. We agree to abide by the FTC Endorsement Guide agreements of fair and honest websites.

You will also notice that we do not use affiliate codes to any sportsbook that breaks US law.  We can not and do not endorse sports betting to US bettors.  As an alternative, we recommend fantasy sports betting at fanduel or draftkings in which the US Federal (not all states) government has deemed legal.

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