Legit and Unbiased Review of 5dimes

5Dimes.eu is not the flashiest website which makes it not look legit. It might even be described as boring. This is however a case where judging a book by its cover is probably mistake.

Same day payouts and bonuses

Based in Costa Rica, 5Dimes has operated legitimately since 1999 and accepts players from every country and US state. They are known for hassle-free same-day payouts and the best odds in the industry. This applies to their sportsbook, casino, poker room, racebook and other gambling products.

How to get Reduced Juice

When joining 5Dimes players can choose from a bonus or other incentive package. For this, sports bettors are advised to stick with their default option which is reduced juice. This gives risk 105 to win 100 odds instead of the industry standard risk 110 to win 100 odds.

The savings reduced juice provides over the long haul is far more significant than what the other bonuses offer and is valid forever. If you have this option, you can access it by clicking “reduced” listed under the header of the sport you are looking to bet. For most sports this does not become available until game day. For baseball and hockey 5Dimes is famous for nickel overnight lines.

The sportsbook with most games and bets

For future bets, such as which team will win the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Championship or for any golf or tennis tournament – In a side by side comparison, about 95% of betting options pay more at 5Dimes than they do at compared competitors.

The sportsbook is packed with unique features. One example is rolling if bets. If you do not have any money in your account, but do have a wager pending, you can make a bet that is valid only if that pending wager wins. To do this use the betting menu labeled Straight & RIF instead of that labelled Bet The Board. When placing your wager click the red circle if Icon to access this feature.

The sportsbook is not only famous for its industry leading odds, but also for the amount of sports it covers. There are point spreads, totals, moneylines, and many prop bets on the most popular American sports NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College hoops and College football. They also cover tennis, golf, boxing, MMA, and other sports from all over the world. Even remote leagues such as Iranian soccer, Korean basketball, Brazil Volleyball etc. can be bet here. You can also bet WWE Pay Per Views such as WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Survivors Series and more, in addition to the World Series of Poker, and the world championship of Chess. This is all only a small sample of the many bets 5Dimes offers.

What casino has low house odds?

The 5Dimes casino is very much like their sportsbook. While there are 3 of these available to choose from the one we most recommend is the bonus casino which is powered by Digital Gaming Solutions, DGS.

In the bonus casino every wager pays better than industry standard. For American roulette a single number pays 36.62 times instead of 35 times. For odds, even, red, black, high and low the payouts are 1.09 to 1 instead of even money. With Pai Gow Poker, at 1.02 to 1, bets pay better than even money and there is no commission involved. Blackjack, baccarat, craps, three card poker, let it ride and all other games – the same trend holds true. Almost every wager on every game has less than a 1% house advantage in this casino.

Two different online poker rooms

For online poker there are two poker rooms available. 5Dimes Open Waters Poker Room operates on the Equity Poker Network, EPN. Here there are many promotions including a P O Points for cash system that equates to about 16% rakeback. This is less than what can be found in their Winning Poker Network powered Shark Tank Poker Room which pays 27% rakeback to player’s accounts every Wednesday.

5Dimes has other gambling products too. They have a racebook that pays 10% rebates. Their lottery room offers betting on the numbers draw of every US state lotto at better odds than that state offers direct. They also have point spread and pick ‘em office pools with 100% payouts, and a live dealer casino too.

The customer support is getting better

While 5Dimes does have phone and email support, most will find their live chat support more efficient. Many of 5dimes managers only communicate via this option. While knowledgeable and helpful they are to the point and direct.

How you can deposit at 5dimes

That issue aside, deposits and withdrawals at 5Dimes are hassle free. They offer many options for deposit including MasterCard, American Express, and Visa credit and debit cards, Person to Person transfer, and Bitcoin. If sending at least $250 all deposit fees are covered. When you win, same day Bitcoin withdrawals are possible. If you haven’t cashed out in the past 30 days, on Monday mornings you can request a free payout, up to a $40 value.


Again, while 5Dimes is not flashy, and has much different support philosophy than others in the service industry have, it is hard to pass up on the value they offer. Be it their sportsbook, casino, poker room or other products, you will find 5Dimes has the industry’s best odds and the most reliable same day payouts.


Best odds and they pay, that's all I really care about. My top pick or sport bet which is the same thing.
I am fairly new to 5dimes, but every time I have called thus far, I have ALWAYS had a question or issue resolved QUICKLY. Too bad all customer service is not this good...period! Go for it, I trust them and so do friends of mine.
I understand what the author is saying in their review, but why does anyone bother betting anywhere else. 5dimes is the best, hands down. The customer support has never been rude to me, but maybe because I'm not rude to them? They're handling my money...I try to be as nice as possible! Not that I'm a winning bettor anyways...

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