October 2015 Withdrawal Times for Offshore Online Poker

October 7th, 2015 By: Jasper W
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poker withdrawIt has been a rather ho-hum past 30 days for the offshore poker market. Speeds at the top options have improved for the most part. However, Carbon Poker and Full Flush continue to have significant issues paying their players. Overall, the NFL season hasn’t affected payout speeds too much just yet.

Bovada        Rating: A+     Last Month: A+

Bovada is right back on top as the firm leader in the US market for payout speeds. They were still easily the fastest option, but their speeds did slow slightly in last month’s report.

We reported about a two weeks for processing times for checks last month. These have improved, with players receiving checks in 4-5 days at the most. One player reported receiving his check in just 48 hours after approval. The tracking number came 12 hours later.

Visa Fast Funds which allow players to receive credits back to their cards that they deposited with has similar speeds, perhaps slightly slower. These seem to be taking longer to be approved in the past 30 days and are reaching players cards within 10-12 days. They have also experimented with MasterCard availability for this method.

Bank wire data is harder to come by, but from previous months, we would expect these to be slightly longer than check processing times. Cash transfers available through Western Union and MoneyGram and are processed within 48 hours.

Carbon Poker            Rating: D-      Last Month: D-

The situation at Carbon and Merge Gaming has not gotten any better. There isn’t much new to report on here. Speeds continue to be criminally low. Checks are still taking 3-4 months to reach players. Network traffic has taken a hit, but it’s still one of the most popular networks for US players.

They don’t offer any other methods for withdrawal. They recently canceled a bunch of Skrill cashouts for players in other countries as well. This is not a good sign.

However, they have been in the industry a long time, and we still believe that all players will be paid. It just may take quite awhile. They are still an option for online poker but be prepared to wait quite awhile until you get paid.

Winning Poker Network                  Rating: A       Last Month: A

The Winning Poker Network, which is predominantly made up of America’s Cardroom, True Poker and Black Chip Poker has stayed the course with their speeds last month for the most part.

Check speeds are slightly slower than last month’s reported timeframe of 7-10 days. They are now taking up to two weeks to process, but some players have reported quicker speeds.

They offer two methods for debit card payout. One allows players to get a card mailed to them where they can process withdrawals onto the card. The card takes 3-4 weeks to reach players and withdrawals can be sent to the card within 48 hours.

The second method, Pay2Card, which allows players to receive their withdrawals back onto the cards they used to deposit. These speeds are identical to last month’s rates and are processed in about one week.

Bitcoin withdrawals continue to be the fastest and most cost effective (free) methods for payouts. They are processed in less than 24 hours. Western Union and MoneyGram transfers are processed within 48 hours. The speeds for both methods have been unchanged for quite some time.

BetOnline       Rating: B+     Last Month: B+

It’s been an eventful past 30 days for BetOnline, but that’s a good thing. Their speeds have been strong over the past few months and haven’t slowed with the NFL season already a quarter of the way over.

Checks are processed in two weeks, the same rate as last month. Data on bank wires is sparse, but the little feedback we have gotten seems to have these at around the same timeframe as checks.

Money transfers are processed in 48 hours or less. Bitcoin withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours.

Full Flush       Rating: F        Last Month: D-

Like Carbon Poker, the situation at Full Flush has not been improved. Withdrawals via check are taking 3-4 months to process. The only other available method is through cash transfer, which takes 15 days to process and comes with an $800 maximum withdrawal.

We do not recommend Full Flush to players, despite their still relatively decent player numbers. Their payouts have gotten increasingly worse and have shown no signs of improvement.

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
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