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November 5th, 2015 By: Jasper W
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sportsbookWe are about halfway through the NFL season and there has been little change in speeds at most major sportsbooks. It’s been a great month across the board for offshore sportsbooks. Processing speeds have been excellent across the board. There shouldn’t be any issue with sites replicating speeds up until the Super Bowl, which historically is a time for slowdowns in processing times.

Bovada     Rating: A    Last Month: A

Bovada rates have have slowed this month, but only slightly. We are keeping them at an A rating, because several other sportsbooks are beating them with speeds and methods, but they’re a clear top choice.

Check speeds are firmly in the one-week processing time, perhaps stretching into 10 days. There haven’t been any reports of just a few days processing like we had last month. Bank wiresunder a week.

Withdrawals to cards through Visa Fast Funds have seen the most significant drop in speeds. These were at one week a month ago, but are now taking 2-3 weeks to process.

Cash transfers have also seen a slight dip in processing speeds. Speeds of 48 hours have become a constant at Bovada, but times are now closer to 72 hours.

5Dimes        Rating: A+        Last Month: A+

5Dimes speeds are fantastic, and one could easily make the case that they are top five worldwide. Their outstanding speeds have once again continued over the past 30 days.

Check speeds are close to last month’s rates at about a week. Some players reported getting their checks in just a few days. Withdrawals to debit cards continue to be an extremely quick payout method. These are processed in just 3-4 days, which are nearly identical to last month’s speeds.

Bitcoin deposits are now automatic at 5Dimes and don’t require much information from support other than an address They are usually processed within 24 hours or less.

BetOnline        Rating: B+        Last Month: A-

BetOnline’s continues to be a top option, despite their speeds slowing slightly in the past six months. Their times within the past 30 days have been mostly unchanged.

Bettors may have to look for two weeks as the regular speed for checks at BetOnline, instead of the one week numbers we saw previously Bank wires are always tough for data, but in our limited sample, their speeds are the same as checks.

Cash transfers are have seen their speeds dip from 48 hours to 72 hours this past month. Bitcoin, aside from their absurd fees, is the best method for deposits and withdraws online.

Bookmaker        Rating: A+        Last Month: A

Bookmaker continues to beat their advertised time-frames. They have shown improvement in the last month as well. There is almost no change from month to month with their elite speeds, and they are now an A+ rating for the foreseeable future.

Both checks and bank wires are reaching players in less than one week. These Visa card withdrawals have moved up slightly from 1-3 days to up to a week process. Both speeds are unchanged from last month’s times.

Cash transfers have held firm at 72 hours. Bitcoin withdrawals continued to be processed extremely quickly, almost all in 24 hours. Again, we have seen little change here.

Top Bet        Rating: B        Last Month: B-

Top Bet has continued their steady speeds for another month. They are now becoming a reliable option, but are still a tier below our above sportsbooks. However, they will have to get more available methods (along with a longer track record) to earn an A rating.

Checks are taking just one week to process, which is right on point with last month. They also process directly back to credit or debit cards, including MasterCard and Visa. Speeds for method are hard to come by, but we’ve seen no complaints as of late in regards to Top Bet’s processing times.

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
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