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July 8th, 2015 By: Jasper W
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sportsbookIt’s been a ho-hum month for the offshore industry in terms of sports betting, but that’s a good thing. The quick speeds across the industry have remained the same, and a few sites have gotten faster in terms of processing.

My report looks at withdraw speeds from all of the principal withdraw methods at the five most popular books on our Real Rank.

Bovada        Rating: A+     Last Month: A+

Month after month, Bovada continues to impress with their cashier speeds. They’re the number one sportsbook for US customers, and it isn’t close. Their elite rates haven’t changed this month and they will once again get an A+ from us.

Check speeds remain around one week in terms of processing, but some players have reported them in just four days. Bank wire are also relatively unchanged from last month and are being processed in one week.

Western Union and MoneyGram withdrawals speeds have gone down slightly but are still being processed extremely quickly, usually within 72 hours. Visa Fast Funds, which is available to players if they deposited via Visa have held study the past few months at four days.

5Dimes            Rating: A       Last Month: A

Aside from Bovada, there’s no safer bet than 5Dimes. These guys have been doing it for over 15 years, and they’ve yet to slow-pay a player and have never run into processing troubles. That’s something to be admired in the US market.

Check speeds are quoted by 5Dimes to be processed in 10-14 days, but they’re usually faster. Most players receive their checks in about one week or less. They also offer withdrawals back to Visa cards, under the method Vanilla Visa. Their times here are almost identical compared to Bovada and are processed in 3-4 days.

Western Union and MoneyGram withdrawals have stood at 72 hours or less for months now, which is unchanged. Bitcoin withdrawals also fall into that category. The crypto currency’s withdrawals are being processed in 72 hours or less.

BetOnline       Rating: A+     Last Month: A+

In BetOnline, Bovada, and 5Dimes, bettors have three awesome sportsbooks that are processing withdrawals at a step above the rest of the industry. BetOnline’s speeds are once again excellent this month.

Checks are taking about a week to process, but some have reported receiving them just three days. Bank wires continue be processed in about the same time-frame.

Cash transfers are available through Western Union and MoneyGram. They have stood strong at 48 hours or less. Bitcoin withdrawals are also available and are processed in 1-3 days.

Bookmaker    Rating: B+     Last Month: B+

Bookmaker’s speeds continue to improve. The only thing keeping from an A rating is some slower speeds in previous months.

Check speeds are have held firm at one week. We have less data on bank wires, but these previous reports suggest a similar time-frame to checks. Pay2Card is the fastest method available. Withdrawals back to Visa cards are taking 1-3 days.

Bookmaker started accepting bitcoins a few months ago. Withdrawals are processed in 2-3 days. These speeds have been consistent since they adopted the method before the Super Bowl.

Top Bet          Rating: B-      Last Month: B-

Top Bet’s hiccup with payments seems to be in the rear view mirror for good. Speeds were once again excellent this month. The one drawback here is that they don’t offer cash transfer.

Checks are currently taking about one week which is the same speed as last month. Withdrawals back debit cards are taking 3-4 days to process. These rates are excellent. Hopefully, they can continue these without issue.

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
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