Payout Speeds at Internet Sportsbooks: August 2015

August 5th, 2015 By: Jasper W
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sportsbookSportsbooks withdrawal speeds across the industry have been excellent in the past month. They’re beating most of the sites on our poker report by a fair margin. We hope they can keep up these payout speeds as we head into the fall with both college football and NFL starting up. There’s probably going to be a slowdown industry wide, but their current rates bode well for the coming months.

My report looks at withdrawal speeds from all of the principal withdraw methods at the five most popular books on our Real Rank.

Bovada           Rating: A+     Last Month: A+

As we get closer to football season, Bovada’s speeds continue to be the gold standard in the market. They’re the largest sportsbook in the US market by a large margin and are one of the safest bets online for bettors.

Check speeds haven’t changed much since last month’s report. They’re still averaging around one week to reach player’s doorsteps. However, some players have gotten their checks in just 48 hours. Bank wires speeds are processed in about the same time-frame.

Western Union and MoneyGram speeds have been static for as long as we can remember at Bovada and are unchanged from last month’s speeds of 72 hours. Visa Fast Funds is the only method to suffer a slight decline. Instead of the 3-4 day time-frame last month, they’re being processed in 3-6 days.

5Dimes            Rating: A+     Last Month: A

5Dimes finally gets an A+ rating this month, a rating we should have probably given them a few months ago. Aside from Bovada, their speeds are the best in the US market, and they do offer more withdrawal methods.

While checks are quoted by 5Dimes to be processed in 10-14 days, they’re usually much faster. They rarely take longer than a week and this month we’ve had reports of players receiving their checks in just three days. Visa Fast Funds is another quick method that we haven’t found much data on as of late, but 5Dimes does quote a 3-4 day processing time on this method.

Their speeds with Western Union and MoneyGram and Bitcoin have remained consistent for a number of months. Money transfers with the above methods are processed in 72 hours or less and Bitcoin transactions take no more than 24 hours.

BetOnline       Rating: A-      Last Month: A+

BetOnline gets a slight decrease in rating this month due to a drop in their check speeds. However, they’re still one of the safest options online, and they’re speeds are among the fastest in the market.

Checks are coming in about double the speed we saw last month. Instead of one week, checks are now reaching players’ doorsteps in about two weeks. We have less data on bank wires, but based on the current speeds of checks and current time-frames at BetOnline, we would guess they are processed in about two weeks as well.

Cash transfers via Western Union and MoneyGram speeds have also been pushed from 48 to 72 hours from our report last month. Bitcoin rates are unchanged from last month with all requests being credited back to players in 72 hours or less.

Bookmaker    Rating: B+     Last Month: B+

Bookmaker’s support system could be better, but their withdrawal speeds are right up there with the above sites on our list. They’re also the industry’s longest running sportsbook with the highest limits for US players.

Checks and bank wires are among the fastest once approved. They quote 7-15 day time-frame on withdrawals, but these are normally much faster. Players have reported receiving checks and wires in 72 hours, but most are taking up to a week to process.

They also offer withdrawals back to Visa cards that players have used to deposit with, and Visa ATM cards via mail that players can use for cashouts. They both are processed in 1-3 days, but can be done as quickly as 12 hours.

Cash transfers are still holding strong at 72 hours or less. Bitcoin withdrawals are becoming much faster in recent weeks, taking about 24 hours at most for processing.

Top Bet          Rating: B-      Last Month: B-

Top Bet has become a reliable option after a hiccup with payments earlier in the year. They’re still not a top choice based on their odds selection compared to other sites and their short time in the industry, however.

Top Bet only has two withdrawal options. Checks take about one week and withdrawals back to debit cards take around 3-4 days to process. Top Bet is one of the few sportsbooks to process withdrawals back to MasterCards.

Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter)
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