Guide to Playing Online Poker

Prior to playing at online poker sites it is important to conduct your due diligence. On this page we discuss important topics such as safety, legality, poker sites, funding and withdrawing and proper strategy for playing. Please note that in NJ, NV and DE the state has licensed poker sites. On this page we cover Texas Holdem strategy and what poker websites are currently voted as the top poker rooms for US players.

The articles written on this page were conducted by a professional poker player based out of Atlantic City who now runs a multi-million dollar gold currency business, JMbullion. Many of the foundations were taken from his skills as a poker pro. Proper strategy can not only help you in poker but other financial aspects of life. Enjoy the articles and poker website reviews.

Is Playing Poker on the Internet Legal?

Depending on where you live, online poker is legal in most countries even now in the United States. Countries will usually determine a game of poker legal or illegal by the basis as to whether they consider the game skill or luck. Many studies have proven that poker is skill, therefore large countries such as the United States, United Kindom and most of Europe have legalized online poker. The United States is currently licensing and developing their own poker sites while the offshore ones are still accepting bets from US customers.

Depositing and Withdrawing Poker Money

There is no stepping up to a cage, giving the cashier lady a few hundred bucks, getting your chips and going to the poker table. Actually it’s easier. Poker sites have a large array of options to instantly deposit in about 5 minutes and you’re playing.

This is what I suggest. First try your credit card. They have about a 50-70 chance of being allowed by the credit card company (their rules don’t like gamblers because potential fraud) but some poker sites are getting good at allowing credit cards to become accepted. So, if your credit card gets rejected you may have to jump through some hoops such as sending a check, heading up to western union or sometimes the websites will have “ewallets”.

Cashing Out
Ok, so you’ve played a few hands, won some money and now want to cashout your money back to your bank account. This is most easily done via a check and expedited by a Fedex or UPS courier. Depending on the amount or how soon you need the money you may want to choose regular mail because the poker site will sometimes hit you with a fee for using an overnight or 2-3 day fast withdraw. Most sites will give you 1 free withdraw a month. If you’re trying to withdraw a large amount, email the customer service and tell them you want the money wired. Typically you can only do this with amounts of $20,000 or more.