Betting Sports Online with MasterCard in 2017

Just in terms of pure numbers, MasterCard is less popular than Visa by a relatively decent margin but still more popular (more used) than American Express, or depositing with Visa. Visa has over 700 million credit and debit cards currently active in the United States while MasterCard has just over 320 million [A].

In most sectors, these numbers are irrelevant when it comes to availability. Most businesses will allow customers to use their cards interchangeably and will almost always accept MasterCard if they take Visa and vice-versa. However, that isn’t the case when it comes to offshore online sports betting. Though depositing with a MasterCard or Visa is the same process, bettors will find that Visa is much more widely accepted than its top competitor at sportsbooks on the internet. If you are looking for our number one choice to deposit with a MasterCard at an online sportsbook, we recommend which has the highest acceptance rate than any other site.

Depositing Using MasterCard

The advantage of using a credit or debit card like MasterCard is that your deposit can be processed within a matter of seconds. There is no waiting period or long process if your card is approved. Your deposit will be credited in a matter of seconds.

Online sportsbooks operate with the same security and safeguards for players that other online merchants utilize. Depositing is as easy as entering your information and clicking submit. In almost all cases, there are no attached fees when depositing via MasterCard.

Whether you deposit with a debit or credit MasterCard depends on what you have available. We recommend going with a debit card because you can safeguard yourself from being charged a cash advance.

When depositing with credit cards, there’s always a risk that players may be charged a cash advance. These can unnecessarily charge players extra fees on their deposits to online gambling sites.

Card Rejected?

After the UIGEA’s passage in 2006 and implementation of regulations in 2009, credit card companies, and banks were legally required to stop online banking transactions from being processed [B].

For this reason, and also the fact that some banks block overseas or offshore transactions due to potential fraud, depositing into online gambling sites using your MasterCard can be difficult. There are a fair number of players that never run into trouble when depositing online, but many have issues.

If your card is declined, don’t give up hope on depositing at said sportsbook. There are a number of possible solutions.

If you have more than one MasterCard, try using your other card to deposit. One bank or Credit Card Company may block an individual site while it may work with another card. If you have more than one option available, give it a shot.

Don’t worry about being charged on both cards. If your deposit goes through, it will be clear. You will be taken to a different screen, and your funds will be credited to your account.

Trying the card in a few hours is another option. Online sportsbooks can have several different payment processors. They might use one processor in the afternoon and switch to another during the evening. Your card may work with one but not the other. A period of high deposit volume may be another reason why your card might be declined.

When situations arise like this, the support staff is your friend. Many sportsbooks and other online gambling sites have teams solely dedicated to helping players deposit funds. If you contact the sportsbook through live chat or phone, they may be able to get you access to another processing options.

Calling your bank and trying to have them unblock the charge is another option. Some charges may be blocked by your financial institution because they are foreign or out of the ordinary, not because they are being flagged for online gambling.

Sometimes by simply calling your bank you can get the charge approved. The key here is not to mention that it’s for online gambling, however. Just say that you had a recent charge blocked and that you would like it to be processed.

Prepaid MasterCards

Prepaid Visa cards are one of the best options for bettors who can’t seem to get any of their personal cards to work when trying to deposit. They have an extremely high success rate. MasterCard also offers these [C].

They can be purchased at grocery stores and some gas stations. They may even be a better option than personal credit cards because there is no risk of being charged a cash advance.

Withdrawal Option?

As we mention in our Visa card depositing article, cashouts to credit or debit cards are rare in the US market compared to the regulated online gambling markets of Europe. Some sites do offer a debit card withdrawal option, but all of these processed through Visa debit cards that are sent to players. Bettors don’t have any options for cashing out via MasterCard and won’t likely in the future.

Still A Great Choice

MasterCard isn’t accepted at nearly as many offshore sportsbooks as Visa, but that doesn’t make the card an inferior option. Hundreds of millions of Americans have a MasterCard and several sportsbooks in today market accept it. It almost always come with zero fees to customers and funds are credited instantly.

BetOnline would be a top offshore sportsbook for MasterCard depositors, followed by TopBet and GTBets. WagerWeb is a distant fourth, but also accepts MasterCard.

Author: Joseph Falchetti
Copyright: 2017

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