Thoroughbred Horse Gambling

Playing the ponies used to be an activity in which you hopped in your car and headed out to the local racetrack, playing a nine-race card with up to thirty minutes in between races.

With the advent of online thoroughbred horse gambling, horseplayers now can stay at home, fire up the wagering account, and wager on non-stop action from tracks not only around the U.S., but also throughout the entire world.

It is virtually 24/7 horse betting action from the comfort of home, with no admission, parking charges, and traffic to worry about, and in most cases, probably better food and bathroom facilities.

Let’s take a look at a few tips on what you should expect out of the online racebook you choose along with a few horse thoroughbred betting tips.

Selecting an Online Gambling Racebook

It is very important to select an online racebook that is trustworthy, has a wide selection of racetracks, and offers a sign-up bonus along with a reward program.

It is important to select a reputable racebook. If you are new to betting online, check with friends, or there are several watchdog groups and horse racing forums you can look at for information.

Make sure the racebook you select offers your favorite tracks. There are some racebooks, including several based in the U.S., that do not offer all of the major tracks, meaning you could miss out on wagering on some of the most popular races during the year.

Most racebooks offer new players an incentive to sign up. It could be a percentage of your initial deposit, or some type of matching bonus. Nearly every racebook offers some type of promotion to sign up, so make sure you take full advantage of any type of sign-up bonuses that are being offered.

In addition to new player incentives, most racebooks offer some type of rebate. They are either a rebate on a percentage of your losses, or a flat out percentage of all of your action. They usually offer a minimum 3% rebate, and those numbers go to 8% or higher depending on the total amount that you wager.

A rebate of 3% can greatly improve the bottom line, even for a player with a smaller bankroll. If you wager just $100 a day, at the end of the month your 3% rebate would add up to nearly $100.

Thoroughbred Wagering Tips

Once you have your online horse betting account open, here are some basic horse thoroughbred wagering tips that you may want to keep in mind as you attempt to pad your wagering bankroll.

Know Your Track: Get to know the ins and outs of your local track and any track you are going to be playing on a regular basis. Know who the top jockeys and trainers are, and how the track generally plays. The information is out there, and take daily notes to keep up to date on any current trends.

Know Your Bankroll: With over 200 races a day to choose from, horseplayers need to show discipline, and wager within their limits. Never wager more than about 5% of your bankroll on any one race, and wager according to how strongly your opinion is of a particular race. If you have no opinion on a race, don’t be an “action junkie”, just skip the race and look for a better wagering opportunity down the road. It could be just minutes away.

Know Your Toteboard: Online horse betting is not about picking winners, it is about making money. If you like a particular horse, make sure you are getting bang for your buck. If you think a horse should be 4/1 and the toteboard says 2/1, the value is not there and you may want to pass on a race. If you think a horse should be 4/1 and the toteboard says 8/1, that is the time to unload. Do not be afraid to skip a race and miss a short-priced horse, as there are plenty of races down the road that will offer better wagering value.

There is no greater rush than thoroughbred horse races. While betting a sports game takes two hours, a horse race is over in less than two minutes. Be smart and be disciplined, and it can be very enjoyable and profitable.