Grand Salamis in Hockey

Betting on hockey is slightly different from other forms of online sports betting in a way that is to the bettor’s advantage. Because the sport is only fourth in popularity in America, bookmakers often do not spend as much time factoring in ALL of the parameters in determining the odds for a particular game. Football, baseball, and basketball are sports with heavy betting, so it is vitally important that the odds be very tight and as close to the reality of the game as possible.

There are three ways that a bettor can place an online wager on an NHL hockey game: money lines, puck lines and hockey grand salamis. Of the three, the Grand Salami definitely gives the most bang for the buck. Instead of being committed to one game because of a bet on a single game, this method of betting allows you to have a vested interest in all the games being played on a particular day.

How does the Grand Salami Work?

* Please see illustration below to help understand grand salami bets, text explanation follows.

Grand Salami Hockey

If you consider yourself a good amateur handicapper, this form of online betting is going to keep you busy and stimulated to a greater extent than the other two forms of betting. Hockey Grand Salami betting allows you to place a bet that covers the scores for all the games being played on one day. In the National Hockey League (NHL) there could be 7 or more games being played in a single day. What you will need to do is estimate the number of goals that will be scored in total during those games. You then place a bet on whether the total goals will be over or under the odds that the bookmakers have set.

The odds for a Grand Salami bet would be shown like this:

  • Grand Salami Over 53.5 (+110), Under 53.5 (-120)

The bookmaker has calculated the odds on all the games and come up with a total scoring spread of 53.5 goals. You would place a bet on the total score being over 53.5, or under 53.5.

A bettor can also place a wager on the scores on how many goals will be scored by teams that are at home or away. As a general rule, the home teams win more often; however, you would have to check which teams are scheduled to play against each other. If there is one team that is on fire and tearing up the NHL, they would win against a weaker team whether they were playing at home or away.

Within the good hockey grand salami betting tips, is the research: look at the individual games being played that day. Handicap each one separately and then combine the scores. The average total final scores are usually in the 52 to 62 range, depending on the number of games being played. Some people call the Grand Salami a luck bet, but those who follow hockey and study the teams are in a good position to win some serious money.

Where did the term Grand Salami come from?

The Grand Salami bet is available in a number of sports. The unusual name does not come from a giant hotdog sold at ball games, but it does originate from baseball. It is derived from the term “Grand Slam”. Any sport that has numerous games being played on one day can make odds on the total scores for the day.

The Grand Salami is an institution in NHL hockey betting. It is a form of betting that has been around for decades. It endures because it involves some skill and knowledge and makes every game being played on a given day worth following.