What the Baseball Betting Season is All About (Most Profitable)

With 30 teams playing 162 games each, regular season online baseball betting dominates the betting calendar every season from April to September. With so many games happening every week, bettors must be patient and selective in finding the best wagers they can before betting online.

Early in the season, the key to successful baseball betting is:

1. Finding breakout teams and players before the general betting public catches on.

2. Staying up to date on all of the big transactions that take place over the off-season.

  • Teams that were written off at the end of last season may now be vastly improved with a few holes filled in free agency
  • Contenders may have fallen apart in losing key pieces to free agency or injury

3. It takes the average bettor a few weeks to get adjusted to the new look of teams, so bettors that are on top of it from day one have the advantage.

4. Another advantage that sharp bettors have early in the season is targeting young unknown starting pitchers or starting pitchers poised for a bounce-back or breakout year.

- Once ESPN starts raving about these types of guys, their value plummets; but once again, finding them before the public does gives you an advantage.

As the season progresses, statistics become a bettor’s best friend and MLB.com is a great resource. Baseball has always been synonymous with statistics, as you’ll never hear anyone talk about a great hitter without mentioning home runs or batting average, or a great pitcher without ERA and strikeout totals. Every sport keeps statistics, but baseball’s are some of the most comprehensive and complete, especially with such a large sample size of games.

Important Note: There is obviously more to the game than just statistics; motivational factors, fatigue, etc. But statistics are the backbone of all handicapping, and this is especially true in baseball. Pitching and hitting statistics are among the most popular, as are overall win-loss records, but another important one to factor in are errors. Team defense isn’t as much of a focal point in baseball as it is in some other major sports, but make no mistake about it; teams that play clean, error-free baseball are often amongst the most reliable bets in the league.

Wagering Tips and Strategies

Perhaps the biggest benefit of online baseball betting is that there are always plenty of options. Just about every day of the week, 15 games will be on the board. With that in mind; be picky! If you aren’t excited about a wager, take a pass. There will be plenty of games to choose from all week, stick to ones in which you are confident.

Nowadays, with so many statistics readily available online, bettors can research how batters in the current lineup have fared in the past against the opposing starting pitcher. Finding some key batters that always seems to have a big day (or an awful one) against the starting pitcher they are about to face could help you make your decision.

Another example of a great baseball betting tip is:

  • One of the biggest mistakes that bettors often make is focusing just on starting lineups and starting pitchers

*Nothing kills a winning bet faster than an awful bullpen. When making decisions for your final bets, factor in the starting pitcher’s endurance as well as the bullpen he’ll be handing the ball off to.

Read: These are just a few examples of baseball betting tips, and we put an advanced list together for your review so you can make the best decision possible before placing bets online.

Types of Baseball Bets

Today, there are so many different types of baseball bets you can place online. Baseball Proposition Betting alone seems to have an endless amount and wide range of bets on various elements of baseball games including player and team statistics. More popular and easier to understand baseball bets include money line and over/under betting.

We compiled a list explaining several types of baseball bets you can place online at your favorite sportsbook. So whether you’re looking to make a simple or advanced baseball bet, you will be able to understand how each type of baseball bet works from reading our list.

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